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Toxic chemical Bisphenol A (BPA)

Editorial comments to Media Health Articles

( Source of articles "The Australian" - Health Section -)
Note:none of the comments are meant as a critic or attack against anything, the comments are 100% in support towards the advancement of better health for all.


"Toxic chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) - which is used primarily in food processing, sealing cans, milk containers, etc.; has now been found to interfere with estrogen metabolic pathways affecting the brain.

The damaging effects of BPA were seen at extremely low doses and occured in a matter of minutes.

Editor comments:

As stated before in my comment about "TOXIC chemicals",

my main concern about toxic chemicals used in food and food productions is that it can or will have a negative, toxic effect on our health sooner or later.

One of the main factors, which seems to be overlooked when setting so called "save limits" in adding any chemicals to food, is the accumulation of these toxic chemicals.

TOXIC chemicals in our food, drinks and environment may increase the risk of chronic diseases, triggered by inflammation or metabolic pathway interference.

It is the accumulation over a lifetime which seems to contain the greatest risk

.... do you really think that there are save levels of chemical in our food?

When will government authorities recognise this time bomb ticking ?
It probably has exploded already, or can anyone explain the apparent increase of all kind of diseases.

We are not talking only about BPA, this is just another nail in the coffin, and actually there is nothing new to all this. It is always, that after years of using certain chemicals, the harmful effects become known, and still we are producing more and more chemicals.

Do we really have to, or could it be that we could use more natural derived substances to take the place of toxic chemicals, but maybe those can't be patented and made into money?

Anyhow, I simply like to enhance awareness, >>> there are toxic chemicals in our food, and that hardly a week goes by, without another scientific study, proving that yet another chemical has been proven to cause some health concerns.

A report in 1989 stated, ( I wonder about the stats now) that a grand total of 5,705,670,380 pounds of chemical pollutants were released into the environment we eat, breath and live in, all in just One year.

To compound the problem of our toxic environment, we have refined away much of the nutritional value of our food supply and replaced it with artificial colorings, preservatives, flavourings, conditioners, etc..
Unfortunately, our Diet, combined with extensive use of Antibiotics, Hormones in medicine and agriculture, may have predisposed many of us to experience a kind of
"Internal Toxic Pollution" - triggering a decline in health.

We hear a lot about our expensive Health System, and that it becomes more and more expensive to keep it going. Private Health Insurance is out of reach for most of us.

Will health be the privilege of the rich?

Maybe a more peaceful attitude could be adopted, by supporting our health, concentrating on what is health giving rather than health taking.

An excellent start has been to rise the awareness of the harmful effects of smoking and to a certain degree, alcohol. Now lets start on our food.

After all, at least in part,

"we are what we eat, and who wants to be a toxic waste dump? "

Maybe it is the constant confrontation which has to be overcome, before we all can choose inner peace which would lead to health.

Health, peace and love, life can be beautiful.

Comment by the editor of UseNature, Dieter Luske

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