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Dr. Rima General Bert Codex Propaganda

Attending a Codex meeting makes me remember Edmund Burke's famous saying, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
Most of the delegates attending these meetings have less than no idea what is actually going on and so, sadly, they do nothing to change the intended outcome of Codex: degredation of the world's food supply.
Why? One reason is that the glossly, highly science-like materials and propaganda they are given by Codex (largely from the WHO, FAO, US, EU and Australia), look, to the casual observer, pretty solid. They are not. They are, in fact, glossed up, glossed over junk science. You'll see a perfect example when we get to the "Nutrient Reference Value Upper Daily Intake Limits" from the Institute of Medicine in a little bit.
The second reason is that while people in the developing world may revile the political and military activities of the US, they revere, yes, revere, the science of the US. They do not realize that when they stand aside in breathless awe of, for example, Nutrient Reference Values produced by the US Institute of Medicine (IOM) as - hold onto your hats - UPPER LIMITS for DAILY NUTRIENT INTAKE these upper limits:
1. Violate current US law if they were to be enacted since nutrients are to be considered as foods and, as such, may have no upper limits set for them under the 1994 Dietary Supplements Health and Education (DSHEA) legislation, passed by unanimous Congressional assent.
2. Have been set to concur with the limits proposed by CCNFSDU's chair, Dr. Rolf Grossklaus, retiring this year, by the way, for Maximum Permissible Upper Limits on nutrients. These same absurd and dangerously low levels will go into effect in the European Union through its Food Supplements Directive this December 31, 2009.
These Upper Intake Limits are so low that they are incapable of even preventing nutrient deficiencies, let alone promoting health.
Dr. Schneeman, in what looked to me like a well-scripted performance, allowed as how, although she had not thought about it before (!), since dietary supplements are foods under US law, well, yes it would seem that these Upper Limits would apply to them as well. This is, of course, contrary to US law. But remember that the FDA's Codex game is to ramrod things through Codex that violate US law and then come home and tell the US that we have to go along with it since Codex requires it. If we don't they say, the WTO will sock us with horrific trade sanctions and we don't want to loose that money, do we? That, after all, is precisely how we got fructose in the beverage supply, with its consequence of childhood obesity and diabetes.
Nutrient Reference Values are specified for labeling purposes only - at this point. What is expected to happen is that they will first become the standard of international trade (isolating and weakening the US nutrient industry, by the way) and then the national standard of the developing world. Once that happens, you can be sure that they will become the US standard if we do not act now to protect our high potency nutrients.
If you take a good, strong multinutrient (a good one requires 6 pills per day to get the proper level of nutrients each day!) check out these Nutrient Reference Value UPPER INTAKE LIMITS. I promise you will be shocked and appalled.
Nutrient Reference Values vitamins and minerals (NRVs) are to be used for labeling so that consumers know what their upper limit nutrient intakes should be and what percentage of that intake they are getting in the foods they purchase, no matter where they are from. They are intended for everyone over 36 months of age regardless of state, sex, medical condition, pregnancy, biological absorption capacities, etc.
These NRVs were proposed by South Korea: in fact, it came out in the discussion that Australia gave them to SK which had NO idea what they meant or where they came from. The US and Canada were deeply involved in that process, too.
Although they are purely for labeling right now, these upper limit values are expected to be adopted by national entities when they have reached Step 8 [final ratifiction], according to the discussion which took place on the floor of the Codex meeting.

Where the Upper Intake Limits have been changed from earlier proposed levels, the original is in parenthesis.
Technical note: Codex says "Numerical information on vitamins and minerals should be expressed in metric units and/or as a percentage of the Nutriet Reference Value per 100g or per 100 ml or per package if the package contains only a single portion. In addition, this information may be given per serving as quantified on the lable or per lportion provided that the number of portions contained in the package is stated. This information is contained in Para 3.4.4 of the PROPOSED DRAFT ADDITIONAL REVISED NUTRIENT REFERENCE VALUES FOR LABELLING PURPOSES IN THE CODEX GUIDELINES OF NUTRITION LArevised Nutrient Reference Values for Labelling Purposes in the Codex Guidelines of Nutrietion Labelling at Step 3, Cx/NFSDU 09/31/4
My comments in red - REL
Protein (g) (50) [no new value proposed: category eliminated]
Vitamin A ug RE (800) 550 Minimum 10,000 for adults
Vitamin D (ug) 5 I personally take 10,000
Vitamin E (mg a-TE) 8.8 I take 1800 plus fish oil
Vitamin K (ug) 60 I take 1000
Vitamin C 45 I take 6,000
Thiamin (mg) (60) 45 I take 100
Riboflavin (mg) (1.6) 1.2 I take 50
Niacin (mg NE) (18) 15 I take 1000
Vitamin B6 (mg) (2) 1.3 I take 500
(Folic Acid ug 200) Folate (ugDFE) 400 I take 25,000
Vitamin B12 (ug) 2.4 I take 5000
Biotin (ug) 30 I take 8000
Calcium (mg) (800) 1000 I take 1200
Magnesium (mg) (300) 240 I take 1000
Iodine (ug) 150
Iron (mg) % bioavailability 14.3/15% 18.0/12% I take none 21.6/10% 43.1/5%
Zinc (mg) % bioavailability 3.6 (high) 6.0 (moderate) 11.9 (low) I take 35
Selenium (Value to be Established) (ug) 30 I take 600
Phosphorus (mg) 700 I take 1000
Chlorine (g) 2.3 I take none
Copper (Value to be Established)(ug) 900
Fluoride (mg) 3.5 Tremendously dangerous - no biological requriement for any fluoride. All risk, no benefit
Maganese (mg) 2.1 I take 5
Chromium (ug) 30 I take 8000
Molybdenum (ug) 45 I take 70
3. Are supposedly merely for labeling purposes to tell consumers how much of their daily upper intake levels, if they are over 36 months of age, they are getting from whatever it is they are looking at
4. This is the part where it gets dangerous -- These standards will be adopted by countries around the world as their international and domestic limits on nutrients since they will use the Nutrient Reference Value Upper Intake Limits as their guidelines. This was spelled out quite clearly during the meeting and in conversations that I had with delegates at the meeting
5. This is even worse -- they will, I believe, be used by the United States FDA to lower not only intake levels, but set upper limits for nutrients both for international trade and for consumer use.
So, once again, Codex junk science will mandate under nutrition for most of the world's people. Those people will include the US if current policy prevails. This is Arrow Number 1 in the genocidal quiver: degrade the food supply in every way possible and mandate such low nutrient values that the levels of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity rise to universal cataclysm.
By the way, at this Codex meeting I heard plans laid for meetings in 2012, 2013 and beyond. It looks like our speculation that Codex was simply too far behind schedule to be finished by ecember 31, 2009. Whew! That gives us more time for more pushback!
Thanks for coming through with the funds to send General Bert and me to this Codex meeting. Next year's CCNFSDU is in Chiled. Maybe you'll be there with us!
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
What can you do?
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Stop the Shot Litigation Report

Three of Our Attorneys Discuss the Stop the Shot Litigation

I was in Washington Thursday for the Federal court hearing on standing for the Stop the Shot case, along with Dr. Paul G. King, Leslie Fourton, Esq. (Dr. Gary Null's lawyer) and Jim Turner, Esq. (Foundation for Health Choice attorney).
Judge Reggie Walton did not allow the case to remain in the Federal court at this time. He said that once NY suspended the mandate there was no longer a "case or controversy" under the Federal constitution.

He urged us to participate in the administrative process started by NY to make the mandates permanent and told us we could come back to court if new mandates are enacted.

Further, he did not let us amend the complaint to include the NJ plaintiffs (NJ remains the only state with a flu vaccine mandate, for children under 5) and told us to re-file those claims as a separate case. We are working on that right now...
We are looking for NJ parents of kids under 5 who are willing to become plaintiffs in the case. Please contact me at ralph.fucetola@usa.net with "NJ Parent" in subject line if you can help.

Ralph Fucetola JD
Natural Solutions Foundation Counsel and Trustee

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