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SPECIAL REPORT by Tetractys Merkaba.

Foreign-owned tabloid, the Herald Sun, today has run a scare piece on the new legislation regarding the road. They are telling the public that there will be no grace period for drivers to become aquainted with the new legislation. This is something that used to occur and was phased out when VIC ROADS became the trading name of the ROADS CORPORATION. This comes under the minister of transport, and, for all of you who thought that, speeding fines, booze busses, registration etc was merely, "revenue raising", you are completely correct. A corporation has a primary duty under the Corporations Act, to emphasize profit above all other pursuits.

Anyway, pay attention to how the Herald Sun reporter speaks of new laws and rules, the Vic Roads spokesperson speak of new rules, whilst the Police speak of new laws. An Act of Parliament is actually, a statute. A statute, has the full force of a law, but it is not a law. A law can only be changed via a referendum. A statute requires YOUR CONSENT. It is ostensibly an offer from the government of the day, who are, to be frank, your servants.

Interesting to note that the police are a registered corporation as well.

That is right. Our police force has an obligation to turn a profit before they consider your safety and well-being.

Yet, this doesn't completely explain why we hear and read such fictional fantasy from the police, the media and politicians like drink driving laws, or speeding laws, or 'hoon' laws. This is more about establishing and maintaining control. People with authority control people without authority. They are trying to fool you into thinking that you have no authority, when you have ALL the authority.


The preamble of our Australian Constitution, says that we the people under God create a government and a constitution to serve our needs. The government is a group of our representatives who are drunk on the power bestowed by their office. They have been trying to wrest our power away from us via contract offers, or Acts of Parliament.

I shall make some observations throughout this article. They will be in red italics.

No grace period for new Victorian traffic laws

Ashley Gardiner From: Herald Sun November 07, 2009 12:00AM

MOTORISTS have been warned: comply with
the new road rules immediately or be fined.

Millions of dollars could potentially flow into State Government coffers as as result of the new laws.

Police will show no mercy when new road rules come into force on Monday.

"We will be enforcing when the new laws come into effect on Monday," Sen-Sgt John Gibson said. WOW!!! Rules and laws have been mentioned FOUR TIMES in the first four sentences. Is the Herald Sun trying to impress a point upon you?

"There's no formal instruction gone out for a grace period."

Sen-Sgt Gibson, of the road safety unit, said motorists who ignored the new rules would receive a financial penalty and the loss of demerit points. That is five mentions in the first six sentences. Is anybody else wondering why Sen-Sgt John Gibson is having his thoughts mentioned? Because he has a title in a euphemistically titled gang, or unit?

Careless drivers who fail to stop behind a stationary tram will be fined almost $300 and collect three demerit points. Other offences will attract fines of $234. Why the use of the word "Careless"? Similar to the use of the word; 'hoon', it is a judgment that seeks to influence your opinions. If you do not stop to think, you may fall for this one. Tram doors are equipped with stop signs. Therefore, if people are boarding or alighting a tram, there is a visible stop sign. Is there not legislation in place for this situation? What about those times when a tram is stopped but the driver signals traffic to pass? Do you have to come to a complete stop, and then move forward? How does this help the flow of traffic? How about, when a tram is at an intersection, has completed its task of dealing with passengers, and is waiting for a green light? How is it safe to have to stop, and, then proceed next to the tram at the lights? In inner city Melbourne, this will be a nightmare. Traffic flow will become slower. But, maybe, you will use the illegally tolled roads which are run by -you guessed it- a corporation.

A spokesman for Roads Minister Tim Pallas said the Government had not made any estimation of how much revenue would be generated by the new rules. Why are we hearing from a spokesperson of a minister, and not the minister himself? Watch out for this trend, and you will see it happen time and time again on unpopular legislation.

VicRoads road user behaviour manager Antonietta Cavallo said it was the responsibility of drivers to learn the new rules. What is a "behaviour manager"? Whose behaviour is she managing? If she is managing the behaviour of VicRoads staff, then why are we hearing her opinions? Could she be managing OUR opinion? Do servants manage behaviour, or do people with authority over you manage behaviour? Who gave Antonietta authority to manage YOUR behaviour? YOU did. You did, when you entered into contract with VicRoads giving up your powerful Common Law right to private travel.

"It's really important that you get onto the VicRoads website and familiarise yourself with these rules before you head out on Monday morning," Ms Cavallo said. If it is SO important, why do people have to go to their website. Why not publish them in their entirety in all the papers? They are able to run their commercials. Why not the so-called new rules? Are they trying to get away with something? What about people without internet access, or computers?

The new rules were designed to encourage safer driving, she said. Oh, so this is about SAFER DRIVING. Glad we sorted that one out.

"We think that they're tough enough to give a clear message that these things are unsafe.

"At the moment, people are over-using their mobile phones while driving, and that's clearly unsafe. Texting is really dangerous and people are still doing that." Isn't there already legislation in place for using a mobile phone when you drive?

The RACV has called on police to focus on educating drivers. Educating drivers about what?

"These rules make a lot of sense and are designed to make the roads safer for all users," RACV chief engineer Peter Daly said. Another supportive view. Is there any dissenting views? Not in this scare-piece-cum-corporate-advertisement.

The changes also tighten the rules over the use of mobile phones and satellite navigation devices.

A driver may not hold a phone at any time, even if no phone call is being made. How does this encourage safer driving? How is it more dangerous to hold a phone, than it is to hold a bottle of water, or a watch. Could it be to make it easier for Police to secure convictions on existing mobile phone legislation?

But mobile phones with earpieces and a connecting cord may be used, so long as you don't need to press any buttons on the phone itself to answer a call.

Otherwise, phones need to be secured in a cradle, including when using them as GPS device.

More complicated functions, such as texting, emailing and video calling, are strictly banned.

Inexperienced drivers, namely learners and P1 licence holders, are totally banned from using their phones while driving. Why? Isn't it just talking? What is the problem? How does this encourage safer driving? Is this about establishing authority and control over young drivers?

As for GPS devices themselves, they must also be fixed to the car or sit in an appropriate cradle.

Children aged under six months must be in an approved rear-facing child restraint,

Those aged between six months and four years must be in a rear-facing restraint or a forward-facing restraint with in-built harness.

And children aged between four and six must be in a forward-facing restraint with in-built harness or an approved booster seat.

Other new rules include:

A BAN on animals sitting on driver's laps.

NO U-turns allowed across a single, unbroken white line.

DRIVERS must move out of the area to find a new park if their time has expired. As you can see, this has nothing to do with with encouraging driver safety. How is it safer to "ban" somebody from moving into the next car park? Isn't this about making it easier for parking inspectors to distinguish between cars parked in a car park? How does this help the person who has to leave their work to move their car? Did you know that your local council is ALSO a corporation? So is the State and Commonwealth governments. These so-called 'new laws' are about redefining our status a little bit more in their favour. It is also about disintegrating grey areas that are successfully used in court as defences.

Full details: www.vicroads.vic.gov.au Isn't it interesting that the Herald Sun after all this bleating, invites you to the VicRoads website? They could've published these so-called 'new rules' in their entirety, but the News Corporation -the foreign corporation that publishes the Herald Sun- obviously couldn't do a financial deal with the VicRoads Corporation. Money and power is the name of this game. Safety is the marketing hook.

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