Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cops charge Ricki-Lee Coulter for driving unregistered, uninsured while supporting Backstreet Boys

Ricki-Lee Coulter

Notice how the photo has changed, now, she has apologised? Back in the country ... Ricki-Lee Coulter. Source: The Daily Telegraph

POLICE have charged radio breakfast host and singer Ricki-Lee Coulter after she was pulled over in the midst of a national tour supporting the Backstreet Boys.

Coulter will appear in a Brisbane court next month after being charged with driving an unregistered and uninsured Is driving an uninsured vehicle really the charge? Or, is this a tabloid addition based on the fact that 3rd party insurance automatically comes with registration? It seems that the earlier claims of unlicensed driving are not true. vehicle on the Pacific Motorway.

Join our I Promise road safety campaign here. This is a marketing stunt from the Sydney arm of the foreign owned News Media corporation. We'll take a look at this money making exercise by the Murdoch owned Sydney tabloid, The Daily Telegraph very soon.

In the midst of a national tour supporting the US boy band Backstreet Boys, Coulter, 24, was pulled over by police on the motorway at Greenslopes, in Brisbane's south, on March 9.

She was given a notice to appear in the Holland Park Magistrates Court on April 15.

Coulter's manager Lauren Brown tonight said Ricki-Lee was driving the car of her sister's boyfriend and was not informed that the car was either unregistered or uninsured. She was driving between Brisbane and the Gold Coast on her day off.

“It’s a really unfair and unfortunate situation for me to be in but I have to accept the consequences. There is no way I will ever get in another car, including a hire car without checking the registration and insurance papers first! It’s just too much of a risk after going through this horrible situation."

The Gold Coast-raised singer shot to fame as a contestant on Australian Idol and last year worked on the show as a reporter before it was axed by Channel 10. She is currently a co-host of Nova Sydney's breakfast radio show.

Rival morning news hosts, Kyle and Jackie O, didn't miss the chance to take a swipe at Coulter.

Charming and empathetic, these two are.

Kyle had the first shot by repeating the court dates and location loudly and then sending an open invitation to all paparazzi for a "good shot."

Tabloids are more than happy to quote these two, when it suits them. What happened to the howls of outrage, and demands for these two to be sacked last year when it suited the tabloid press?

He also took a swipe at her manager for not returning the newspaper's calls.

"What sort of a manager doesn't bother to return calls," Kyle said.

Did his manager return calls after Kyle's two tabloid scandals last year?? Hmmm......

Jackie O also posed the question: "Who drives uninsured and unregistered?"

It's all a game. So-called adults -kidults?-throwing mud and having it thrown at them, making money of those whom are silly enough to buy into this nonsense.

Isn't it amazing that these type of 'personalities' are paid massive salaries to fill the talking space inbetween ad's on the radio? In case you don't know, these two have been adjudicated to be the tool that affords the owner of the radio station, the ability to charge the highest rate for advertising in that timeslot? As soon as the advertising revenue drops below a certain level....

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