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Report by Tetractys Merkaba, Mikiverse, Editor-in-Chief.

My thoughts are in red so you can easily differentiate between my words and Elissa Doherty's. Pay attention to the use of words such as 'notices', 'vehicles' and 'person'. These are legal references used to reinforce belief that, for example, an automobile is a vehicle, as well as, serving as a reinforcement of contractual enjoinders. This means that you only drive a vehicle because you agree that you are driving a vehicle. If, you travel privately, in your automobile, you are NOT driving a vehicle, and, not subject to any legislation that deals with motor vehicles.

Elissa Doherty From: Herald Sun March 26, 2010 9:27AM
A POLICE blitz on illicit drug activity and street crime has netted nearly 100 arrests in the inner city over the past fortnight.

Police arrested 96 people for mostly drug offences as part of a two-week operation on the streets of Richmond, Collingwood and Fitzroy.

A 30-year-old Laverton man was charged with trafficking offences after being caught with 12 deals of heroin in Richmond during the crackdown.

A 21-year-old man from West Melbourne was also charged with trafficking after being caught with three grams of heroin, and a 45-year-old Preston man with five warrants for apprehension was arrested and remanded at Richmond police station.

Operation Elizabeth involved local uniform and plain clothes police, backed by specialist units including the Dog Squad, Mounted Branch, Traffic Management Units and Regional Response Units, the Sheriff's Office, and Metro Trains and Yarra Trams inspectors.
When did the Sherriff's Office and Metro Train/Yarra Tram Inspectors become specialist police units? They are not, yet, this foreign owned tabloid has grouped them together as if they were. Why? They are not quoting a police spokesperson, so, it is clearly, a Herald Sun opinion. Do they want you to think that the aforementioned groups are part of the police force, or, have an authority over you? And, did you notice that the inspectors belong to the respective private corporation and not to the government corporation?

During the special operation police checked 1723 people on the streets, -what does this word mean, "checked"? Is that like when the NAZI's checked your papers in the 1930's to determine if you were Jewish or not? And, how does this 'checking' presume your innocence? And, why hasn't this article mentioned the fact that people are innocent until proven guilty?- 366 vehicles, processed 111 people by arrest processed? why not simply write; arrested 111 people. As respected Canadian expert on the law and universal rights, Rob: Menard explains in his acclaimed seminar "Bursting bubbles of government deception", excessive words are used to hide, or obscure their real intent. This sentence is definitely a case of excessive language. Why? What is the real intent? , summons, warrant, caution or crime penalty notice, breath tested 145 motorists and detected 171 traffic offences.

Senior Sergeant Colin McKinney from Richmond police said that by targeting drug offenders street crime reduced across the area. If he was a NAZI officer from the 1930's, that phrase would've been: targetting Jewish offenders! If you couple this statement with the previous paragraph, then you realise that the police checked 1723 people on the street b/c they thought that they were drug offenders!! Unless, of course, the aforementioned statement was a piece of propaganda to try to validate their activity.

We know that the use and trafficking of illicit drugs in the Yarra area is connected to criminal offences such as burglary and thefts,'' Sen Sgt McKinney said.
This so-called fact has nothing to back it up. How does he know this to be true?
“It also impacts on the resources of community services such as health and welfare groups. How?

“During this two week operation Yarra had a significant reduction in theft from motor vehicles. Is it cnnected to this two week blitz? or, is it connected to the next statement that suggests that crime is lower in a five month period than it was in the same period last year?

“Also, crimes against the person are down by 13 per cent and crimes against property are down 25 per cent for the corresponding five month period last year.''

Sen Sgt McKinney said that almost 30 people were referred to community health services throughout the operation.

“As part of a similar operation in November last year, police referred 20 people to community health services for support and advice,'' he said.

“Of those 20 people, 15 are still participating in services. Police are committed to reducing harm caused by illicit drugs in our community by reducing supply, reducing demand and the harm caused by their use.''

Yarra police will continue to crack down on drug and street offences throughout the year.

Operation Elizabeth statistics
* 1723 people and 366 vehicles checked
* 96 arrested , mostly for drug offences
* 171 traffic penalty and 15 crime penalty notices -this means that you are in breach of contract, NOT GUILTY OF A CRIME. Would a police officer issue a crime penalty notice if you committed a crime as per the definition of a crime in the Crimes Act? For example, if you caused an injury to someone else by committing an assault, a robbery, property damage, or a rape? Of course not. You would be arrested, taken to the police station for questioning and charged. issued
* 145 breath tests conducted
When you consume corporate media "news", or opinion, it is important to be aware that a lot of presumptions and opinions are blurred in with factual information. If you think critically, you will be able to spot these occurrances, and, be better able to protect yourself against the consequences of these actions, as well as, being more equipped to understand what is really happening. In this instance, the point of the article is to convince you that it is ok, and normal to be checked by the police, that we need this to happen. This way, YOU will cooperate when a random police officer decides to check you. Why should innocent people be subjected to a presumption of guilt? This is what happens when the police search you WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE. Our rights are being taken piece by piece because we are not paying attention. Do not rely on the media to inform you. Inform yourself.

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