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The Australian government should immediately shut down the Rothschild/Inter-Alpha Group’s operations in Australia, to stop the decades of globalised looting that has laid waste to Australia’s physical economy, Citizens Electoral Council leader Craig Isherwood declared today.

“Australia has been plundered for decades by this gang through scams like privatisation—the Rothschild’s specialty—but it has to stop,” Mr Isherwood declared.

The CEC National Secretary was responding to the explosive revelations in the 13th March webcast address by American statesman Lyndon LaRouche, which indicted the Rothschild-directed Inter-Alpha Group of Banks for its current role in coordinating the looting of nations—notably Brazil through the carry trade—on behalf of the City of London to prop up their collapsing British financial empire.

LaRouche charged that N.M. Rothschild & Sons and its Inter-Alpha Group partners, including The Royal Bank of Scotland, ING, and Spanish giant Banco Santander are bankrupt, and stuffed with fraudulent assets, to prop up the value of which they are looting Brazil through a carry trade which last year netted them average returns of 25 per cent—paid out of the hides of the Brazilian people—in the same way the same gang, and for the same reason, coordinated the brutal looting of post-Soviet Russia in the 1990s through privatisation, which gutted Russia’s industrial base and reduced its population by millions.

“For twenty years, Australia too has been physically looted by the same British gang that destroyed Russia in the 1990s, and is destroying Brazil today,” Mr Isherwood said.

Mr Isherwood detailed the history of the Rothschild-directed looting of Australia, through privatisation:

Privatisation started in Australia with the federal sale of Qantas and the partial sale of the Commonwealth Bank in 1991, but the election of Jeff Kennett in Victoria in 1992 was the start of a fire sale frenzy, in which more than $30 billion worth of state government assets—mainly electricity—was sold in three years.

The Rothschild gang initiated and directed the whole process: N.M. Rothschild and Sons director Sidney Baillieu Myer was the chairman of the Mont Pelerin Society front the Tasman Institute, which co-wrote Kennett’s ominously-titled “blueprint for reform”, Project Victoria; Rothschild then became a key creditor to many of the companies that snapped up the assets.

By 1998, according to The House of Rothschild author Niall Ferguson, Rothschild Australia accounted for an incredible one third of the global N.M. Rothschild’s groups profits!

Lawfully, there has been an enormous public backlash against privatisation since the Kennett fire sale, and John Howard’s final sale of the Commonwealth Bank, and sale of Telstra.

In 2008, NSW Premier Morris Iemma self-destructed when he tried to ram through the privatisation of that state’s electricity system against the overwhelming opposition of voters and his own party (an early indication of the growing mass-strike which is continuing to grip Australia).

But in Queensland, State Premier Anna Bligh has earned the nickname “Captain” Bligh for ploughing ahead with probably the most comprehensive fire sale of state assets since Kennett’s pillaging of Victoria, in open defiance of an overwhelming majority of Queenslanders.

The CEC’s Queensland State Secretary Jan Pukallus has denounced Bligh’s policy as Mussolini-style fascism: “By ramming through a policy that the people of Queensland hate so much, Bligh is proving she’s a fascist,” she said.

Like Jeff Kennett’s fire sale, Bligh’s flog-off is being directed by the Rothschild/Inter-Alpha gang. Rothschild Australia chairman Trevor Rowe is the leading business adviser to the Queensland government, until recently the chairman of the giant Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), and his Rothschild Australia was the lead advisor to Bligh’s predecessor Peter Beattie’s sale of Queensland’s electricity retail assets in 2007.

The 9th August, 2008 Courier-Mail profiled Rowe, under the headline, “Meet Trevor Rowe, a man with wide connections”. Authors Tony Grant-Taylor and James McCullough reported, “A prime part of investment banking, together with the skills of the dealer and trade, is broad connections—and Rowe forged very useful contacts. Former Liberal prime minister John Howard is a long-time Rowe mate. And Howard turned to Rowe, informally and sometimes as a formal adviser, on the sales of Telstra, Commonwealth Bank and Sydney Airport.

“Not that he was unwelcome on the other side of politics, as is evidenced by his appointment by Queensland’s Labor government in 2001 to replace Jim Kennedy as QIC chairman. And Rothschild won the much-sought-after mandate to advise the Beattie government on the sale of Queensland’s retail electricity assets.”

Now Rowe’s Rothschild Australia is one of the three lead advisors, along with Merrill Lynch and fellow Inter-Alpha Group member RBS (The Royal Bank of Scotland), for the remainder of Anna Bligh’s privatisation smorgasbord of ports, rail, roads and forestry.

One of Rowe’s positions is as a member of the “Board of Guardians” of the Federal Government Future Fund, the $66 billion fund set up by Howard and Costello with the proceeds of the sale of Telstra, and added to from federal surpluses.

Although its name implies long-term investment for Australia’s future, the Future Fund is a huge scam to funnel the public’s money straight into the financial markets, managed “independently”… by bankers!

As well as Rothschild’s Rowe, the Board of Guardians is chaired by former CBA boss David Murray, and has members drawn from other banks including CBA, Suncorp, and JP Morgan (the only “non-banker” is Peter Costello, his new job is managing director of BKK Partners, which was founded by “former” executives of Goldman Sachs).

Following the August 2007 onset of the global financial crisis, the Future Fund, under the stewardship of these bankers, took the lead in bailing out Australia’s banks: $35 billion of the fund was deposited among the banks to provide a desperately-needed capital boost, and significant portions of the balance were lent to the banks, and invested in bank bond offerings.

“The Rothschild/Inter-Alpha gang’s decades-long plundering of Australia is a key part of their looting operations worldwide,” Mr Isherwood observed.

“For the sake of Australia, and the world, it must be stopped.”

He concluded, “Lyndon LaRouche has laid out the principles of an international credit system based on national banking to finance the economic development of sovereign nation-states, which must replace the parasitical British monetarist system typified by the Rothschild/Inter-Alpha gang, if the world is to avoid a new dark age.

“This is what the CEC is fighting for in Australia, so to all Australians who are sick to death of privatisation and looting, I urge you to join us.”

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