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I found this article @ http://www.evolutionandhealing.com/2012/alex-colliers-teachings-to-wake-up-humanity/

Alex Collier is one of my favorite speakers about the esoteric and occult (meaning secret). I have seen and listened to videos of Alex Collier talking about some controversial views on who we are, where we came from, what we are capable of, and who is behind the scenes, running this planet. He speaks about how he was taken up by a race of benevolent 11th dimensional beings called the Andromedans at an early age. Later, he began to experience more frequent visitations with them on their crafts and through other means of communication with them. In my opinion, what sets him apart from other speakers is that his education comes directly from the teachings of these 11th dimensional beings, who have a broader understanding and view of what is going on in this planet, rather than from research through historical and scientific methods.

Alex Collier was speaking to audiences back in the 1990s in an attempt to wake people up before it was too late. He stated on many occasions that he is not sure what is going to happen because we are creating it as we go along–a view shared by many researchers of the esoteric or occult, i.e. David icke, Michael Tsarion, Jordon Maxwell, to name a few. Further, Alex shares that benevolent beings who wish to help us in our evolution are in a dilemma because they do not wish to override our free will (thus, they will not help without being asked) as well, if we are not aware and are not ready to help ourselves, then we will not take responsibility and evolve. Thus, if they help us too soon, or help us without a request, then we will be dependent on them or blame them if things go wrong. And if we are like dependent children, then we will not evolve into responsible beings. And even with all of those limitations and challenges, benevolent beings are there and do help us continually behind the scenes in ways that most are completely unaware.

As a person who studies human nature, I have seen this pattern many times. How many have seen people around who rely too much on others and expect to be bailed out consistently as they continue to perpetuate their irresponsible patterns of behaviors, i.e. overspending then never having money, emotional crises, victim energy, give me something for nothing, etc. Then, oftentimes, if that person doesn’t get the “needed” bail out help, he/she gets angry with the person who finally sets a boundary and says “no”. And what happened in this country? This country was born because there were a few willing to risk everything–their lives, their homes, their families–to fight for sovereignty from the British rule and taxes. I have heard that it was less than 4% of the population who fought for our independence. And look what we have allowed to happen in this country. Look at how we have allowed ourselves to become dependent upon a government to bail us out at every corner. We expect it. We’ve become dependent on it. Freedom and evolution means personal responsibility. When we forget that or become to complacent, then we ought not complain when others tell us what to do as we allow ourselves to be controlled and manipulated.

I am fascinated by the viewpoints of Alex Collier. He helped clarify some unanswered questions about what is happening on this planet and where we are headed. A few questions (among many) that has puzzled me for some time is why this cartel is so determined to destroy this planet and our atmosphere (then blame it entirely on us)? Why are they scrambling to make all these underground facilities? Why do they seem to be implementing and enforcing more and more restrictions and control at such a harried pace as if they are scared of something or someone? What do they know that we do not know? Are there going to be cataclysmic disasters around 2012 or will it be more of the same? (Though, I think we can all agree that many more environmental catastrophes are occurring all over the world.) If you are a person who can only believe that all beings are good, then you will never be able to answer these questions for yourselves because it goes outside your belief systems. In fact, you will believe that it was all our idea and that we can fix it all. Though, we are ultimately responsible and we can do much to fix it, in order to truly fix it and truly change our world, we must wake up and see all the truth….not just the truth that fits into our frame of reference. Can we create a true solution with just a partial information? The controlling cartel knows a lot about us and about the truth. That is one of their weapons and how they are able to manipulate us so easily. Though, once awake, armed with the truth, we can then move forward and write a new future. We are the sleeping giant. Standing together, we are unstoppable and the controlling cartel are quite aware of this.

Alex Collier at the Star Family Conference, March 1997 stated in part:

…So, the next few years are going to be extremely challenging for us, especially in the United States, and the true leadership is you. I am asking you to seriously consider doing something about it and to stand up and take the leadership role. It is not about all the other speakers. We do this in the hope that you will want to take responsibility and do what we are doing. Keep passing the torch, so to speak.

The other thing I wanted to say is that a lot of folks just want to hear “love and light”. They just want to hear how you’re “going to be rescued”, how you’re going to be “saved”, and how everybody is going to take care of everything so you don’t have to do anything. If that is really where you’re at, you really ought to leave now, because that is not the message that I have to deliver. There are both “good” and “bad”. We live in a duality and you have to take responsibility for both, and you have to live in the midst of both. The whole idea is to find balance, which is in the middle. We are all searching for that. Until we find it, we all have to participate.

A very wise man once said, “facts do not cease to exist, just because you choose to ignore them.” To those of you who simply want to hear the “love and light”, that’s great, but you are out of balance. We need leadership and people with ideas on how to fix problems, starting with yourself, your family, and the local level. The President and the UN can’t sign a piece of paper and fix everything–it starts at the local level and it starts in the heart. Only you can do that. I can’t change your mind. I can’t even tell you what to think. You are going to have to want to change and open up your perception to find out what is really going on. This also includes having the courage to really want to know what is going on……

One thing I am left with in all of this, no matter how much manipulation we have experienced, no matter how dumbed down our society seems to be, no matter how much pollution, starvation, poverty and the like are occurring, we are still responsible to fix this. The information is out there if one cares to look. And when we are responsible enough to research and find out the truth, then we are responsible enough to evolve ourselves and this planet. So what is up with 2012 and beyond? I, too, believe we are creating it as we go along. Are we choosing to be in fear energy or creative energy? Are we ready to take responsibility for the whole truth and do our part? Whatever we do for ourselves, we do for all. When we truly begin to understand who we are and how amazing we are, we will evolve. The design is to evolve together. Alex Collier is very clear that other beings see us as truly unique–we have an amazing range of emotional expression and an ability to create ANYTHING and EVERYTHING withOUT technology and hold it beyond most other holographic states. I can see that I will need to write a Part II as there is too much to discuss in one posting.
1994 interview

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