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YOUR NEW REALITY Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
Stunning. It doesn’t matter what kind of bullshit you try and spin when it comes to the War On/Of Terror, the American mainstream media will line up to let you create a new reality that goes against the law, humanity and downright commonsense.

From ABC News :

John Kiriakou, the former CIA operative who affirmed claims that waterboarding quickly unloosed the tongues of hard-core terrorists, says he didn’t know what he was talking about.Kiriakou, a 15-year veteran of the agency’s intelligence analysis and operations directorates, electrified the hand-wringing national debate over torture in December 2007 when he told ABC’s Brian Ross and Richard Esposito in a much ballyhooed, exclusive interview that senior al Qaeda commando Abu Zubaydah cracked after only one application of the face cloth and water.

“From that day on, he answered every question,” Kiriakou said. “The threat information he provided disrupted a number of attacks, maybe dozens of attacks.”

“It works, is the bottom line,” conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh exclaimed on his radio show the day after Kiriakou’s ABC interview. “Thirty to 35 seconds, and it works.”

A cascade of similar acclamations followed, muffling — to this day — the later revelation that Zubaydah had in fact been waterboarded at least 83 times.

Kiriakou did his job. He got the Torture Works! idea into the mainstream media.

Now he’s got a book out, he’s oh so sorry he lied, and so successfully seeded disinformation not only through US media, but international media as well.

“I wasn’t there when the interrogation took place; instead, I relied on what I’d heard and read inside the agency at the time.”

….Kiriakou….didn’t have any first hand knowledge of anything relating to CIA torture routines, and still doesn’t. And he claims that the disinformation he helped spread was a CIA dirty trick: “In retrospect, it was a valuable lesson in how the CIA uses the fine arts of deception even among its own.”

Right. That’s why he gave literally dozens of interviews, repeating the claim that waterboarding suspects works to stop terrorism.

I don’t believe him. Let’s waterboard him and see what he has to say then.

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