Friday, February 12, 2010

Police escape booze bus blaze on Wellington Road, Mulgr

From: Herald Sun February 12, 2010 7:18AM

UPDATE 8.53am: A BOOZE bus caught fire last night after overhead lights hit the powerlines.

Fire crews were called to the booze bus set up on Wellington Rd, near Brandon Park Drive, around 8pm.

Police have determined the fire was caused by a light mast which struck overhead powerlines.

The light mast was being raised to illuminate the site and came into contact with high voltage power lines crossing Wellington Road.

The contact caused a shortage through the power grid and damage to the left front tyre of the booze bus where it was earthed.

A small fire was ignited as a result of the short at the tyre of the booze bus, this was extinguished by the MFB.

No one was injured or inside the bus at the time of the fire.

Police are conducting an investigation into the incident, WorkSafe have been notified.

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It's believed an electrical fault sparked the fire, which started at the front of the bus.

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