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top102009 in Review: Top 10 News Stories About 9/11 You Don’t Want to Miss

Important 9/11 news stories were almost daily this year.

The news stories about 9/11 in our top 10 have one thing in common: most of them didn’t make it in the U.S. mainstream news and we cannot start this review without underlining this fact.

We feel like each of these stories should have been covered on prime time TV and become headlines for all major newspapers. They should have been investigated thoroughly by journalists. After all, 9/11 is still used as a pretext for war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and now Yemen which seems to be joining the extended “axis of evil” of the 21st Century. War against the invisible enemy called ‘terrorism’ is expanding and has no end in sight, and the press should lead the way to accountability.

It is a sad realization to know these stories were only covered by alternative medias like us, 911blogger.com, 911truth.org, etc, and we are grateful for the hard working activists who spend countless hours informing the public.

It is our deepest hope that the journalists who will read this review will understand the importance of talking about these stories, especially the two first stories of our top 10. We invite them to report on it. It will never be too late.

Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it.
—Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States

Barack Obama Speech Cairo, EgyptApologies to President Barack Obama

Before we start, we would also like to send our sincere apologies to President Barack Obama. He warned us in his historic speech titled A New Beginning this past June in Cairo, Egypt, that the elements of the 9/11 official story “are not opinions to be debated, but facts to be dealt with.

Sorry M. Obama. We don’t buy that. Millions of us don’t. We hope our 2009 Top 10 News Stories about 9/11 will enlighten what you consider to be factual.

2009 was a great year for the 9/11 truth movement. We are growing by millions, now faster than ever, and we are going nowhere. One day or another, the U.S. administration will realize that our questions and the evidence that was not included in the 9/11 Commission Report are not simply opinions, but the result of a worldwide awaken public demanding more and more answers. Answers to critical questions that will have to be dealt with and debated. Hopefully in the peaceful context of a new independent investigation with subpoena powers. We can and should do this sooner than later.

If you agree with us, please sign our petition.

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OK. Time to go get yourself a coffee, sit back and enjoy our 2009 Top 10 News Stories about 9/11.

#10 – WikiLeaks releases over half a million US national text pager intercepts

wikileaksIt is not everyday that the Pentagon, the FBI, the CIA, the Secret Service, FEMA and other agencies are nervous regarding leaks from internal communications. Wikileaks did just that, for a period of 24 hours by releasing over half a million text pager intercepts from official agencies and ordinary citizens.

The messages were broadcast “live” to the global community — synchronized to the time of day they were sent. The first message was from 3AM September 11, 2001, five hours before the first attack, and the last, 24 hours later.

Messages in the archive range from Pentagon, FBI, FEMA and New York Police Department exchanges, to computers reporting faults at investment banks inside the World Trade Center.

The archive is a completely objective record of the defining moment of our time. Wikileaks hopes that its entrance into the historical record will lead to a nuanced understanding of how this event led to death, opportunism and war.

Read our original article

#9 – 9/11 FEMA Videographer at Ground Zero Goes Public

Kurt SonnenfeldAs official videographer for the U.S. government, Kurt Sonnenfeld was detailed to Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, where he spent one month filming 29 tapes: “What I saw at certain moments and in certain places… is very disturbing!” he says.

He never handed the tapes over to the authorities and has been persecuted ever since. Kurt Sonnenfeld lives in exile in Argentina, where he wrote El Perseguido (the persecuted). His recently-published book tells the story of his unending nightmare and drives another nail into the coffin of the government’s account of the 9/11 events.

Our original article features an exclusive interview with Kurt Sonnenfeld by Voltairenet.

“It was very odd to me when I learned that FEMA and several other federal agencies had already moved into position at their command center at Pier 92 on September 10th, one day before the attacks.”
— Kurt Sonnenfeld, former Director of Broadcast Operations for FEMA’s National Emergency Response Team

#8 – Censored French 9/11 Debate with Kassovitz and Bigard

French 911 Debate CensoredThis news story was the most popular story on World911Truth.org this year. It was meant to be a historic debate as it was first announced that Niels Harrit and Éric Laurent would also be part of it. But their presence was judged inconvenient by TV channel France 2 and they both were censored from the debate at the last minute.

Jean-Marie Bigard who worked on organizing this event wanted a fair and open debate like we’ve seen on Russian TV in 2008.

This French 9/11 debate turned out to be an orchestrated attack against Kassovitz, Bigard and the 9/11 truth movement by France 2 “L’objet du Scandale” who had obviously no intention to create a fair and open debate in the first place. We deplore this and hope that a true debate will take place on the French scene soon and that experts like Niels Harrit and Éric Laurent will not be censored in the future.

Original article and debate with English subtitles

#7 – Laughing at 9/11 with Jean-Marie Bigard

Jean-Marie Bigard also makes it to the 7th place of our Top 10 9/11 News Stories of 2009.

French comedian Jean-Marie Bigard proposed to laugh at the 9/11 official story once a week during the summer… and we loved it.

After being vilified by the French press for his comments on the 9/11 attacks in 2008 on the Europe 1 channel for “denying the 9/11 events” — which is ludicrous and as far from the truth as you can get, and which resulted in an onslaught of hate mail and death threats — Bigard, one of France’s most successful stand-up comedians, came back strong in the 9/11 truth ring to deliver punch lines and punches at the 9/11 official story.

He created a series of 11 short videos viewed by millions (available with English subtitles, thanks to ReOpen911.info), each “laughing” at different disturbing elements of the official 9/11 Commission report.

Read our original article

#6 – AE911Truth at the AIA Conventions in Washington, DC and San Francisco

2009 clearly was a very good year for Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) founded by Richard Gage, AIA. They almost doubled their numbers of professionals architects and engineers supporting their call for a new investigation based on the evidence of explosive controlled-demolition of the WTC Twin Towers and Building #7 they present. They will very soon reach the 1,000 members mark and 2010 will most probably be one of their most important year, with several members sharing the public lead of this organization, notably Dwain Deets a former NASA engineering executive of 37 years.

ae911truth_at_aia_conventionsBut back to 2009. AE911Truth did something almost impossible. They were present at the huge annual AIA Convention in San Francisco in April to meet with hundreds of architects. They had a professional booth, flat screen monitors showing the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7. Banners, DVD’s, fliers, etc. Many A/E present at the convention were curious and ended up signing their petition. Most were exposed to Building 7 for the first time.

The fact that AE911Truth was present at this convention is historic by itself and is one of the reasons why they made it to our #6. Later, in July, they repeated this feat at the AIA convention in Washington, D.C.

During both conventions, local 9/11 truth groups and WeAreChange local members were there to help with many aspects of the organization. It is also important to point out that these successful events were only made possible because of our collective financial support which clearly made a huge difference. We invite you to keep on supporting them in the coming year because the more they progress, the more they will need us.

Watch one of the videos from the AIA convention in San Francisco in which Richard Gage, AIA gives a tour of the AE911Truth booth and talks to several architects. This video is a little bit long but the reaction of the last architect makes it all worth watching.

AE911Truth at the annual AIA convention in San Francisco


1. AE911Truth at the AIA convention in San Francisco
2. AE911Truth at the AIA convention in Washington D.C.

#5 – FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds Breaking Her Gag Order

FBI translator-turned-whistleblower Sibel Edmonds was finally allowed to speak about much of what the Bush Administration spent years trying to keep her from discussing publicly on the record. Twice gagged by the Bush Dept. of Justice’s invocation of the so-called “State Secrets Privilege,” Edmonds has been attempting to tell her story, about the crimes she became aware of while working for the FBI, for years.

Thanks to a subpoena issued by the campaign of Ohio’s 2nd District Democratic U.S. Congressional candidate David Krikorian, her remarkable allegations of blackmail, bribery, espionage, infiltration, and criminal conspiracy by current and former members of the U.S. Congress, high-ranking State and Defense Department officials, and agents of the government of Turkey are seen and heard here, in full, for the first time, in her under-oath deposition. Both the complete video tape and transcript of the deposition are available on BradBlog.com.

“I have information about things that our government has lied to us about. I know. For example, to say that since the fall of the Soviet Union we ceased all of our intimate relationship with Bin Laden and the Taliban – those things can be proven as lies, very easily, based on the information they classified in my case, because we did carry very intimate relationship with these people, and it involves Central Asia, all the way up to September 11.”
—Sibel Edmons during an interview with blogger Brad Friedman

Watch Sibel Edmonds’ testimony at BradBlog.com

#4 – Biggest Audience Ever for Richard Gage in New Zealand

Richard Gage, AIA of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) makes it to the #4 of our 2009 Top 10 News Stories about 9/11. AE911Truth’s recent successes are the testimony of the growing audience of the 9/11 truth movement. We believe AE911Truth is the most important organization in the 9/11 truth movement now and they deserve to be in our Top 10 again for their determination, their hard work, and especially for the quality of everything they produce.

Gage’s excellent presentation The Blueprint for Truth hit a high note on Saturday November 21st, 2009 at the Te Papa Museum in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital, home of nearly 400,000 people, when over 650 turned up to hear Richard Gage, AIA as part of The Hard Evidence Tour Down Under 2009.

It was the largest crowd Gage has ever spoken to since he began spreading his lecture about the scientific and forensic evidence of 9/11, evidence that demonstrates that World Trade Center Twin Towers and Building 7 were brought down by controlled demolition with explosives.

The recent AE911Truth tour included Australia, New Zealand and Japan which was host of a successful 3rd International 9/11 Truth Conference in Tokyo.

Read our original article

Richard Gage on New Zealand National Television

This interview was seen by over 600,000 people when it aired on TVNZ’s Close Up show.

#3 – Charlie Sheen’s 20 Minutes with the President

Many dedicated 9/11 truth activist would do many things to spend 20 minutes with the President and talk about 9/11. If only to debate the need of a new 9/11 independent investigation. And to present, on record, a series of evidence which cannot be ignored. Actor and activist Charlie Sheen did just that. Well, almost…

Alex Jones from Infowars.com described this news story as one of his most important story the day before its release. For those who know about the man’s work, this was quite an announcement. Jones and Sheen decided to Charlie Sheen: 20 Minutes With President Obama on 9/11bring 9/11 under the spotlight, nearly one week before the 8th anniversary. Sheen released a letter called 20 minutes with the President on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com. The first hour after its release lead to some confusion as many people thought this was a real interview with Obama by Charlie Sheen. But this fictional interview was meant to get the full attention of a sleeping mainstream media, and of President Obama himself, whom Charlie Sheen has asked to meet with later on.

As one could expect, Sheen was vilified by the US press… for asking questions they should have asked a long time ago. Instead of looking at the carefully crafted letter, self-called pundits look the other way and used their name calling tactics against Sheen. Sheen replied by inviting them to a fair public debate on 9/11, and they all backed away.

Enough said. We will let Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen give you more details on this courageous effort that we salute.

Alex Jones on Charlie Sheen’s 20 minutes with the President

Charlie Sheen Video Message to President Barack Obama

Our original article which includes the full 20 minutes with the President letter

#2 – NYC CAN Verdict: 80,000 Silenced by State Supreme Court

This could have easily been our #1 if our actual top news story of 2009 wasn’t so explosive (pun intended). Despite the fact that the NYC CAN story is so important that it could be produced as a movie, the mainstream media – again – decided to completely ignore it. Shame.

NYC CAN, or New York City Coalition for Accountability Now is a collective of 9/11 victims’ families, of first responders, 9/11 survivors, 9/11 truth activists and volunteers. They have walked the streets of New York City during the spring and summer of 2009 to get petition signatures of New York City voters supporting a referendum on a new 9/11 investigation . They needed 30,000 signatures to make it to the November ballot. They got an impressive 80,000 signatures.

We expected that this democratic exercise would have lead to a referendum this past fall. Well, not in New York City.

The city did everything they could to block them. They rejected NYC CAN’s petition.

The tireless NYC CAN collective, supported by an army of volunteers didn’t stop there. They went to the State Supreme Court to try reverse the city council’s decision and validate the important petition. But Justice Edward Lehner of the State Supreme Court rubberstamped Referee Louis Crespo’s recommendation that the decision to establish a local commission to investigate the events of September 11th not be put before the voters.

It is quite ironical to point out that a 1993 voter initiative established a limit of two consecutive terms for the city mayor, and that in a 1996 referendum, the only successful referendum in NYC, voters rejected a Council-led effort to change the limit to three terms. The very ironical part is this year, while nearly one hundred thousand citizens were denied their right to call for a referendum by a well established bureaucracy, the city council voted to extend this term limit, which nullified the previous referendum.

Billionaire Micheal Bloomberg spent a record $102M to win a third term while denying his citizens right to democracy.

This was a dark day for democracy, the patriotic call for answers by hundreds of 9/11 families, first responders and survivors had been stifled, and the will of the people of New York City once again denied.

Watch a video with actor, 9/11 activist and NYC CAN supporter Daniel Sunjata of the NYC CAN march in New York City in September, 2009

Read our original article

Visit NYCCAN.org to learn more

#1 – Scientists Find Unexploded Nano-Thermite charges in the Dust of the WTC Collapses

This is by far the most explosive 2009 news story about 9/11. Some call it the loaded gun of 9/11. Most agree to say this probably the final nail in the coffin of the official story.

breakingnewsImagine yourself turning the TV on and hearing a news anchor say “BREAKING NEWS! Ladies and gentlemen, we have just learned that scientists from 3 different countries released a scientific paper detailing what they have found in many samples of the World Trade Center dust. They claim that they have found unexploded particles of a very high-tech explosive, which would be a military-grade explosive called Nano-thermite. We have contacted earlier today, the lead authors of this paper, Prof. Steven Jones from BYU and Dr. Niels Harrit from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark who will join us later. They have both confirmed that this explosive material was used in the destruction of the Twin Towers, and the 47-story skyscraper known as ‘Building 7′. We never really showed you the collapse of Building 7 before tonight because we didn’t really know about it ourselves. We will show you all of this later, but now, let’s move to Washington where President Barack Obama is just about to give a special address regarding this Nano-thermite.”

Wouldn’t that be great to hear?

Unignited nano-thermiteBut back to reality. No mainstream media except a few in Denmark and Russia, ever seriously covered what will most probably turn out to be the most important news story of the past decade. It will probably be called the Nanothermitegate. You have read it here first!

Scientists have discovered residues of unexploded Nano-Thermite, a high-tech military-grade explosive in all samples of the WTC dust. This stuff is not made in a cave in Afghanistan.

They have released their peer-reviewed paper on April 3rd, 2009 in the Open Chemical Physics Journal of Bentham Open. The paper titled Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe can be downloaded on the Bentham Open Access website.

It is a matter of the utmost importance to point out that members of WeAreChange handed out – on record – copies of this scientific paper to Vice President Joe Biden, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and to several Congresspeople.

We are waiting for them to take serious action in finding out why this explosive high-tech material is present in the WTC dust.

We are also calling on all journalists and other media professionals to forget about the term “conspiracy theories” for a few minutes and to seriously investigate this story.

These findings alone should be reason enough for a new independent investigation with subpoena powers.

This historic Danish interview with Dr. Niels Harrit, lead author of this paper, was the first (and rare) television interview to talk about nano-thermite since April, 2009.

All our articles regarding nano-thermite

In Conclusion…

We hope you enjoyed our 2009 Top 10 News Stories about 9/11.

We can already predict that 2010 will be full of important news stories like these and we invite you to follow us via Facebook, Twitter, RSS and others to stay up-to-date with the latest developments regarding 9/11.

Best wishes to all our readers for 2010. May this coming year bring you lots of love and great moments.

And whatever happens, keep on fighting for answers.

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