Friday, January 29, 2010


Report by Tetractys Merkaba.

For those of you wondering what you can do to help Mika otf Rasila, a victim of false incarceration and of, theft, of his private conveyance, as well as his tools that allow him to make a living.

Click here for breaking story; http://mikiverse.blogspot.com/2010/01/breaking-news-canadian-police-assault.html

What we can do is to ask questions of the relevant people about why they have not presumed innocence in this matter, why they have not complied with court deliberations in this matter, why they stole his van and equipment that allows Mika otf Rasila the opportunity to make a living, and just generally make it known that we do not want Peace Officers acting in this manner.

The more of us that stand up and demand that our rights and freedoms be respected and upheld, the harder it is for these activities to take place in the future.

I believe that being in a community requires that I help my neighbour when s/he has been injured.
I do not know Mika personally, he is a [virtual] friend, but he has created this community - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=243615501971&ref=mf#/posted.php?id=243615501971&share_id=278265459796&comments=1#s278265459796 - on Facebook, that offers an opportunity for many of us to mingle with like minds, to articulate our contentions, to consume relevant information, and, to feel that, we, are not operating immorally, or unlawfully, when we lawfully enjoy our common law right to travel in our private conveyances, or our automobiles.

These are contact details for various departments of the Niagara Regional Police Service. Lets send them letters, and ask some questions.

Please, do not swear, or, be abusive. We do not want to make enemies.

Police Unit or Person Email Address
General Inquires
  • General e-mail addresses for all police service members
Website Inquiries
  • Report issues with our Web site
1 District 1DIST_COMMANDER@nrps.on.ca
2 District 2DIST_COMMANDER@nrps.on.ca
3 District 3DIST_COMMANDER@nrps.on.ca
5 District 5DIST_COMMANDER@nrps.on.ca
6 District 6DIST_COMMANDER@nrps.on.ca
8 District 8DIST_COMMANDER@nrps.on.ca
Canine Unit k9@nrps.on.ca
Child Abuse Unit childabuse@nrps.on.ca
Licencing Unit licencing@nrps.on.ca
Major Crime Unit majorcrime@nrps.on.ca
Mounted Officers mountedunit@nrps.on.ca
Niagara Regional Police Services Board nrpboard@nrps.com
Public Affairs Unit media@nrps.on.ca
Recruiting Unit recruiting@nrps.on.ca
Sexual Assault Unit sau@nrps.on.ca
Traffic Complaints (Online Form) trafficcomplaints@nrps.on.ca
Quartermaster quartermaster@nrps.on.ca

Community Partners
Niagara Victim Crisis Support Service victimcrisissupport@cogeco.net

Thank you.

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