Friday, January 29, 2010


Special Report by Tetractys Merkaba

CANADIAN 'Freeman on the Land', who is identified on Facebook as 'Mika otf Rasila', has had his van and his tools stolen by St.Catherine/Niagara Police.

Like many tradesman, Mika otf Rasila, requires his tools to make a living.

The police officer in the video below, refused to enter into conversation with Mika otf Rasila, demanding that he get out of his private conveyance.

He refused to presume Mika otf Rasila innocent, and, despite the fact that no crime had, or was being committed, arrested him for driving with a suspended licence.

No-one was injured, and nobody suffered a loss.

When informed, that his fee schedule was $1,000 per hour with the handcuffs on, the police removed them, but, not before incarcerating him for an hour.

The police presented Mika otf Rasila with a raft of fines, even though he affirms that "these fines that were washed off my record" when "I was just in court".

So why the bullyboy tactics from the police?

Are they trying to force Mika otf Rasila to sign a contract to observe a statute?

More news as it comes to hand

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