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Mika's story; Canadian freeman tells of his callous assault at the hands of the Police

Violation of my common law rights by officer PC Attwood, badge number 9171 on January 28th at 2:30 to 3:30 PM on Clark street

During the road stop officer Attwood approached my van and I immediately reached down and turned on my Camera facing the window to document the incident, I informed him that reserved the right to record the road stop and he agreed then asked for my licence insurance and registration I told him that I don't carry any and in formed him that I was a sovereign human being under a common law jurisdiction and asked him if he could provide me with proof that I need them (Video Tape Starts) he asked me again and I asked the same question about showing me proof that I needed it. He then asked me to exit the vehicle and I told him I prefer to stay in the van and then I offered him my notice of understanding as a common law human being I wanted to remedy the situation by announcing my understanding of my common law jurisdiction. He asked me repeatedly to exit the van I told him no and at that point he told me I was under arrest ( which is arbitrary detention without cause since he had not made joinder with me as a person having not seen any identification ) He then proceeded to open my van door in a threatening manner to which I felt a great sense of duress .

I exited the van fearing for my safety and he led me away and out of camera shot. I stated that anything said or done at that point was under protest and duress. He then proceeded to tell me to turn around and I told him i did not consent to being handcuffed and that that was an assault on me.He ignored me and placed me in handcuffs . He had yet not seen any identification and was violating my rights by arbitrarily detaining me in shackles . He then reached into my coat pocket and pulled out my wallet even though I told him I would not consent to a search . He then opened my wallet against my wishes and pulled from it a card with my name on it. He asked me If I wanted a lawyer and I told him I would not consent to any council from the legal society. I told him that he had no right to detain me without first proving my identity and he said "I knew who you are". ( So that tells me he was waiting to entrap me since he pulled me over only minutes from my apartment. I told him that I was on my way to go look at a job and that he was costing me that job and then I said " there is no job is there ? " you guys got the phone number off the back of my van parked in front of my apartment and called me with a phony job quote so you could wait and stop me. He shuddered a second. I felt that he realized that I figured out his game. for the rest of the day the "customer" who had called me never called back to ask why I hadn't shown up. I then realized the number the "customer" used was always "private".

He then told me that I would not be arrested but that I needed to go sit in the back of the cruiser with my legs hanging out the back door which he stated was for both his and my safety since he didn't have a cage. He then started to think of things to charge me with and spoke each charge out loud. I told him again that I do not consent to being handcuffed in the back of the car and told him he was violating my common law rights as a human being and once again informed him of my fee schedule of $1000 dollars for arbitrary detention . He found this humorous and chuckled.

He then informed my that he was going to call a tow truck to come impound my van which I then told him that my van was my personal property held under a claim of right and that having it towed would be theft and another violattion of my common law rights as a sovereign human being. I told him I would not consent to having my van towed and he said oh I'm going to have it towed all right. I told him again I do not consent to having my property stolen. Then another undercover cruiser showed up and the officer approached the window . Officer PC attwood then asked the other officer not sure exactly how he worded it but "how he could take my camera".They mumbled somethng to each and made some sort of hand signs .

The other officer asked me why I was driving around without any ID . I told him that I had abandoned my social insurance number and had no government issued ID or a registration for the van which would obligate me to the motor vehicle act and i asked him if he understood Common law jurisdiction or the world freeman society . He said "millions of people know that you need a license to drive" . I told him only people who drive for commerce need a license and I told him I was travelling, and only a fool would register a car and turn it into a vehicle giving legal title to a faceless corporation. I then told them again that since it was not registered and was my paid for lawful property held under a claim of right that towing it would be stealing it from me. Officer Attwood then asked him another question about what other charges he could add to the growing list .

The other officer then went back to his car retrieved a screw driver and proceeded to remove the plates from the van . I told Officer Attwood that I had those under a claim of right to use so I wouldn't be travelling with no plates at all. He then told me that when the court makes a final judgement I will get my van back. I said well then I won't be travelling with any plates then after I get the van back, He said then you'll get pulled over again. I then asked him " You don't know anything about common law jurisdiction do you ? He said I have the right to remain silent.

I then sat and waited while the tow truck arrived . I asked PC Attwood where they would be taking the van and he said he would supply me with the companies business card , I asked him to also supply me with his business card and he agreed then didn't give me one. He then told me we would be done in a minute and I could go but we still sat there for more than ten minutes. He then circled the car and asked me to get out and turn my back to him . He removed the hand cuffs and handed me back my Notice of understanding, my wallet, and my van keys which he removed one of my ignition keys from . I told him again that I would not consent to having my van towed and that it was personal property held under a claim of right. He ignored me and then asked me to retrieve anything I wanted form the van before they took it away . so I went to look and all my tools in the back would have been impossible to carry so I was left no choice but to leave them all there . As a contractor I need both my Van and my tools so I was left with no means to conduct my own business which is another violation of my right to work and theft of all my tools and other possessions. They then gave me a Tow order and told me to sign it which I did with the words "under protest and duress" above the signature. They then gave the tow truck driver the okay to steal my personal property and told me to go. I turned to get a shot of the tow truck driving away with my van but the tape had run out. I then walked home and uploaded and published the video of the first two violations of my rights to you tube for evidence.

I intend to bring criminal charges against PC Attwood with a redress of grievances for theft of private property, fraud, gross negligence in not understanding the Law pertaining to a common law sovereign human being, assault for placing me in handcuffs without my consent and unlawful search and seizure with a warrant for lifting my wallet and searching through it for identification.

Th Bill for my fee schedule for arbitrary arrest and towing my van is $6000 total . For punitive damages of not having my Van and tools to provide myself with a living as a contractor I am suing for 10,000 a month. I will also be filing the aforementioned criminal charges against PC Attwood.

Study for my case against Attwood and the Niagara Police department and city of St Catharines Ontario.

Government will not be bonded when:

If a government does not eliminate its own internal malfeasance with the same diligence that it pursues civilian felons.

If a government rules by force without reason and or without the consent of the people which it governs. In such a case it shall be deemed a criminal government and its officials, officers, and clerks shall be deemed criminally malfeasant.


Petition for a redress of greivances

Criminal acts and official officer or clerk who commits a criminal act or gross negligence of duty against a citizen or against the public generally shall

Lose his bond
not be protected by his official bond
shall not be protected by the limited liablility of the corporation , trust, or office of public trust which employs him.
Shall be personally liable for the damage ( financially responsible ) which that crime or gross negligence causes.
Must pay for the damage through his own real or personal property.

File a criminal complaint against the officer for a redress of grievances with a civil value noted on the complaint. PC Atwood badge number 9171

The criminal claim puts payment of the bond on hold and pierces the veil of corporate limited liablility exposing the officer to unlimited attachment of personal property unless he is prosecuted and vindicated by prosecution.

If the prosecutor does not agree to prosecute the case within thirty days or such time as is reasonable for investigation of the charges ( not to exceed 60 days without reasonable cause then the matter reverts to a civil actions standing half inside and half outside the corporate veil with the bonding company , the corporation and the officer liable for the damages ( who do you think they will make take the fall ? )

Principle ignorance of the law is not an allowable excuse for a law enforcement officer to use when exercising the power to enforce the law.

An officer must know and understand all the processes which must be bonded before he can act on an execution of judgement.

look up"judicatio statutes"

A statute has no social authority, or the capacity to be enforced without an author and has no author without the assumption of social liability or financial responsibility for the staute authored.

Any attempt to exercise social authority by enforcing a statute wihtout assuming a corresponding measure of social liability for the enforcement of the statute constitutes fraud.

A government or an official, officer or clerk of a government will lose it's/his bond, will not be bonded if a person, hereinafter reffered to as the "prisoner" which it/he handles who has been charged and arrested but who has not been convicted.

1.) has been denied or delayed anything . or any right , or the equal protection of the law necessary for the prisoners defense which an uncharged and unarrested citizen would have at his use, service and disposal .

2.) Has been denied or delayed legal paperwork in the prisoners case including but not limited to affidavits of accusation , police reports, arrest warrants, mailing addresses for the delivery of all paperwork etc.

3.)has been denied or delayed the counsel of , or commuication with any lawyer, attorney, spouse, relative, non-union paralegal, non union lawyer etc. needed for his personal safety and legal defense.

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