Friday, January 8, 2010


Weapons blitz in wake of Nitin Garg killing yields results

Nitin Garg

Indian student Nitin Garg was stabbed and killed. Source: HWT Image Library

POLICE have found knives, a machete and knuckledusters in a random search for weapons at a Melbourne railway station, days after Indian student Nitin Garg was stabbed nearby.

In a show of their resolve to stamp out violent street crime, a team of officers patrolled Footscray train station today searching for knives.

The trial search-and-seize blitz, dubbed operation Omni, has been made possible by a beefing up of police powers and is expected to be expanded to other suburbs.

This murder was an excuse to bring in totalitarian undemocratic powers that the public would never otherwise agree to-just like the Martin Bryant cover up & the Bali and 9/11 inside jobs-as well as to offer the Police Corporation more income making opportunities.

Police have the power to search individuals at random for knives and other weapons in designated areas without a search warrant.

Actually, no they do not.

People were scanned with a metal detector wand, then frisked and body searched if required.

In all, 182 people were searched at the station in the three hours to 4pm (AEDT) on Thursday, police said.

Seven people were found carrying 12 weapons in total.


One person with outstanding warrants was arrested.

Deputy Police Commissioner Kieran Walshe said the operation was a success.

"Today's operation has enabled us to detect these weapons before they are used in crimes, making the area much safer for train commuters and the broader community," he said in a statement.

"It is our intention to run a number of targeted operations in weapons hot spots this year until we see a reduction in weapon related crimes," he said.

Earlier, Mr Walshe told reporters police were required to give the public seven days notice of planned search operations but other, intelligence based, searches could be carried out without warning.

"I am confident that these laws are going to give us a great opportunity to take weapons out of the community," Mr Walshe said.

Acting Premier Rob Hulls said Nitin Garg's death "confirms absolutely that we have to do everything we can to support police to wipe out street crime, to wipe out knife-related crime, and that's why these powers are so important".

Mr Hulls and the deputy commissioner met with the Indian high commissioner and consul general on Thursday to reassure them that Victoria was doing everything possible to bring Mr Garg's killer to justice.

They also sought to assure the Indian diplomats that Victoria was a safe place to study.

Mr Garg, 21, was stabbed in a park late Saturday night as he walked to his part-time job at a Hungry Jack's restaurant.

He died later in hospital.

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