Friday, June 25, 2010

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Another Freeman Stands Up In Croydon Court … Whensa YOUR Dolmio Day???

Posted on 25 June 2010 by admin

Another Freeman stand up in court over some alleged “Crime”.

This time the inimitable “Commonly known as Dom” and “Mirthful” stand in common law jurisdiction and ask the Judge for her Oath at Croydon Magistrates Court De-Facto on the 21 /4/ 2010.

It appears that the seargent was taking peoples recording devices so it was hard to film.

However, thanks to their resilience and efforts we have yet another instance of a De-Facto court on FILM! … and My Oh My … how fast did that Magistrate run out of the court! I have never seen a Magistrate leave a court so darn fast!

It seems to me that they are becoming very very scared of whats happening – we no longer fear them and because we have lost the fear they have no control over us … and they know it.

You can only RULE someone if you have installed fear into them, if there is no fear from our side they cannot RULE! Enforcement contains the word “force” and if we do not consent to it, let alone fear them then they have no power to enforce anything.

My hat’s off to Dom & Mirthful for taking the stand in their De-Facto courts , as I have ALWAYS maintained – if enough of us do this and film it every time then very soon this game will be over … for them!

I encourage you all – please – copy this excellent example and get out there and get in their faces and FILM IT! – talk to the thousands of Freeman over on these sites:-

And you will find out that there are many many ways to film in court undetected – of course we can’t divulge our methods here but for every method that they may discover we have another 5 or 6 up our sleeves!

Again – Big Up – To Dom & Mirthful.

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