Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott agree on need to stay course in Afghanistan

KEVIN Rudd and Tony Abbott were at one as they argued the need to stay the course in Afghanistan. They are also "at one" on issues such as as; The Bali, 9/11 & 7/7 false flag op's, the unconstitutional private minting of our currency, the rape of the poor & working classes by business & government & the war on the Constitution, the law book of the Australian people.

But the debate on whether Australian troops should stay in the war-torn country -because of Western Countries- is gathering momentum.

Greens leader Bob Brown renewed his call for the withdrawal of Australian soldiers after the deaths of Sapper Jacob Moerland and Sapper Darren Smith two weeks ago.

But Mr Rudd and Mr Abbott yesterday expressed their firm commitment to the conflict, -it is actually an invasion- which has claimed 16 Diggers/terrorists so far.

The Prime Minister said the tragedy -inevitable result- was a sad day for the the nation, but the fight against the Taliban was vital to national security. Whose national security? Ours? Is Rudd & Abbott REALLY claiming that the Taliban are going to attempt, much less succeed in an attempt to INVADE AUSTRALIA????? C'mon now.

"We know our mission/our invasion in Afghanistan is hard/doomed to fail but this mission/invasion is critical for our common security," -Exactly how?- Mr Rudd told Parliament.

"We work alongside our allies from the United States and from other NATO countries, to avoid Afghanistan once again becoming a breeding ground for terrorists -the ONLY terrorists that have ever been in Afghanistan were those trained and supported by US secret service branches- who can then strike at innocent -rhetoric- Australians both at home -Can you name the last time The Taliban, Al- CIAda, Bin Laden engaged in a terrorist "at home" in Australia?? Me neither. BUT...... The Australian Government has engaged in a bi-partisan terrorist assault on the health, wealth, land & welfare of the Originie inhabitants of this land. Maybe this terrorist activity was funded by the Taliban and this is why we to invade this foreign country. Or maybe the elitist LIBOR and LABREL parties are just lying.... AGAIN!!and abroad." Try to name an act of terroism that HASN'T been carried out by the US and/or one of her allies.

Australia has 2351 troops serving/invading & particiating in terrorist activity in Afghanistan.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said the Diggers/the terrorists were crucial -2351 terrorists will make or break this invasion according to John Howard (who has not satisfactorilly answered charges that he had foreknowledge on the 9/11 false flag op)'s cronie Tony Abbot, who is apparently Kevin Rudd's crony on this terrorist activity as well to the outcome in Afghanistan.

"I commend the work/terrorist activity that the Un-Australian "Defence" Force is doing in Afghanistan," Mr Abbott said.

"It is vital to ensure that that country does not again become a safe haven for terrorists. -Such as when the CIA were funding and training terrorists- It's a task vital for the security of all Australians. Really? How?"

The mother of Private Benjamin Renaudo, who was killed in Afghanistan last year, said the troops needed to stay and finish the job. -This is an IMPARTIAL opinion that is employed to try to win you over to a preconditioned Herald Sun opinion. If you were not sure of the HS's position on this issue, you now should be.

"They've got to complete the job and the job is to rebuild for those people," Jennifer Ward said. It is such a shame to hear hypnotised people repeating the government propaganda.

"There's gonna be people trying to stop us but we are doing the right thing by rebuilding their country." WE ALSO USED THIS DITTY IN VIETNAM, IRAQ AND WHEN WE STOLE ORIGINIE CHILDREN FROM THEIR PARENTS AND HOMES.

Governor-General Quentin Bryce -the REAL leader of Australia. Is she the Queen of Australia when Elizabeth is fouling the air of some other poor country? praised the courage of three Australian soldiers who died yesterday.

Ms Bryce said it was "a heartbreaking day for the nation. As Australia's Commander-in-Chief, she had been struck by the professionalism and comradeship of the troops she had visited in Afghanistan.

"They knew the risks, and met them with real courage," Ms Bryce said of the latest victims.

"Their families should be assured that those who died and are suffering have done so upholding the values that Australians hold dear."

The Australian Defence Association said Australia should be increasing its military commitment in Afghanistan, not reducing it. Another impartial opinion that suits the overall opinion being expressed here. I have never heard of the Australian "Defence" Association, but, I certainly do not associate defence with invading innocent countries.

"We're already seeing the clamour of people saying this means an increase in the fighting and therefore it's too dangerous and we should quit, but this incident wasn't due to any direct enemy action," ADA executive director Neil James said.

Mr James, who served in the army for 31 years, said troop casualties were inevitable in any war. Bill Hicks that you need TWO sides to have a war. Here we have an invading force who are wrong, and a defensive force who are right. Yet, we have an inclination about the desires of this so-called "defence" association.

"The last thing we should do is give any indication that our will is faltering because all war/invasions in the ultimate analysis is a contest of will.

"We believe our strategic goal should be to win the war/invasion but the Government has a different point of view because they are looking at it very much in terms of casualties and electoral consequences, and that is no way to fight wars/invasions." So it would seem that not only is Mr. James a warmonger, but that the HS is quite happy to quote him.

But the ADA said debate about whether to stay or withdraw should be put off until the dust had settled on the latest tragedy.

"People get too emotional at a time like this and they also get too simplistic," Mr James said.

"We would be far better off having this discussion next week or the week after." Mr. James thinks we are emotional and simplistic people who will forget our opinions in a week or two. Maybe he thinks we will lose ourselves in tv shows and the like.

The only problem here is that this invasion will be as wrong in one week as it will be in two weeks. It will be as wrong today as it was in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 or any time in 2010 or beyond.

This terrorist invasio is into it's tenth year, meaning it has gone on for as long as WW1 AND 2.

This terrorist invasion is wrong. We are wrong. We are war criminals. We are as wrong as Israel was last week, as wrong as the US in Vietnam, as wrong as Nazi Germany was when it murdered 6 million Jews in the Holocaust, as wrong as the Australian government was when it subjegated and murdered and broke up the families of our Originie Ausralian brothers and sisters.

Enough is enough. Bring the terrorists home.

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