Friday, June 18, 2010


Design a tee to make history: T-shirt competition

Melbourne can make history. You can make it look good.

Pull out your Poscas, sharpen your scissors and get-to stencilling. The Greens need your creative genius to help design a new series of campaign t-shirts for our Make History Melbourne campaign.

Local candidate Adam Bandt has what it takes to do Melbourne proud. He’s not just a barrister, music fan or book nerd. As a partner in a major national law firm he dedicated years to fighting exploitative sweatshop labour and increasing wages for our lowest paid workers. His Renewable Melbourne plan will kick start momentum for a 21st-century clean energy boom & help accelerate our transition to a world-leading sustainable economy.

So what are Adam’s chances? Not bad, actually. As we saw at the last election, we live in the only seat in the country where the choice isn’t between Labor and Liberal: it’s between Labor and The Greens. If just one in 10 people who voted Labor last time switch their vote to Green this election, we will make history in Melbourne. Already, with record-breaking showings in national opinion polls, we're the focus of news coverage Australia-wide. With all eyes on us, we need to look good!

Why Green?

San Francisco, Berlin, Barcelona, Melbourne. It’s no surprise that the most socially, culturally and politically progressive cities in the world all have serious green cred. So let’s embrace what makes our city buzz – music, culture and design – to help get a local representative who will really represent us.

Over to you!

While we’re working really, really hard to cement Melbourne’s status as not only an amazing place to live, but one of the most dynamic, vibrant, forward-thinking cities in the world, we haven’t given due consideration to our wardrobe. This election, we want to make history. And just another party t-shirt designed by a committee of policy wonks ain’t good enough.

So we need you to create a very, very cool t-shirt…

We’re talking t-shirts great enough to wear on casual Friday; t-shirts that will be coveted by your housemates (then stolen from your laundry basket); t-shirts that put your very favourite post-designer jeans to shame.

What we’re looking for:

Basically, the next Shepard Fairey – the artist behind the famous Barack Obama ‘Hope’ design. We want something inspiring (something that conveys more than just ‘the other parties suck’) – that people will wear not only in support of the Greens, but also because the design is so damn good.

What’s in it for you?

Apart from basking in the karmic afterglow that comes from supporting a political party that supports you, and seeing you work adorning people everywhere and having a killer job in your portfolio you’ll also get a Greens Senator wearing your shirt in Parliament and promotion through The Greens social media including Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.

And the winning design gets $500!

OK, so here’s what you have to do:

Come-up with a brilliant design, print, draw or sew it onto a recycled or Fairtrade t-shirt and drop it or mail it to The Greens at 377 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, 3000.

T-shirts on which you print your design should be recycled or Fair Trade. Here’s a list of recommended suppliers: www.3fish.com.au, www.moralfibre.com, www.certton.com.au, www.etiko.com.au, www.blankclothing.com.au. If your design is electronic, you can skip the physical t-shirt part and email it to us instead at tshirt@vic.greens.org.au. We don't want to stifle your creativity with too many rules, so there are only two: (1) It must promote The Greens; and (2) It has to look good. We'll need all the designs by 21st July at the latest.

And check out the campaign video at greens.org.au/melbourne before you get started.

What will happen then?

Submitted entries will be displayed and auctioned at a party & fashion show held at the end of July, to which all short-listed designers will be invited. The Greens will
retain ownership over the winning design and proceeds from T-shirt sales will go toward the Greens Make History Melbourne to help win the Federal Seat of Melbourne. Winners of the competition - as judged by some very cool people including Greens Leader Bob Brown - will be announced at the event.

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