Friday, June 18, 2010

An Electromagnetic Storm

The Philadelphia Experiment was a secret Naval project conducted in August and October 1943 that attempted to prove Einstein's Unified Field theory with respect to electromagnetic energy. The belief was that with the right frequency, gravity could be 'bent' so that solid objects could be rendered invisible. The experiment was conducted on a ship, which was made invisible and it was teleported, with disastrous consequences. Nearly all of the sailors on the ship were killed, mainly from radiation poisoning. The strength of the magnetic field created severe mental stress and the survivors lost their minds. Others simply disappeared and were never seen again. I found an article about it here.

How did this explain what was going on with me and what I was feeling? There is an increase in electromagnetic frequency but this shift in frequency is not man-made and it involves the entire planet. As time and space around us collapses we are pushed into a new dimension that we are spiritually prepared for but our physical body is less cooperative. Hence the fatigue, depression, sadness, weight gain, headaches and other symptoms we are experiencing. With each new download the intensity of the frequency increases in an attempt to allow our body to adapt to this new state. And each time is a little easier than the previous one (but not much).

We can't do anything about the energy shifts, which are here to stay. What we can do is to stay grounded (which is why we retain water and gain weight) and sleep or rest when we are tired for this is when we are being re-calibrated, re-wired and our bodies are working hard to adjust to these energies. But then we have to act, for this energy is very responsive to our intention. With each phase comes a new level of being, glimpses into new dimensions and opportunities for us to begin practicing using the energies for the next phase of our journey. Right now we have a foot in both worlds and go back and forth, allowing us to refine our intention, practice using our power and fine-tune our co-creative abilities. Use this time to practice, focus and test your power. Go with the flow is the best guidance because all of our lifetimes have led to this moment and we can't quit when we are almost at the end of this journey.

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