Friday, June 25, 2010

Two blow more than three times over as Geelong Operation Ardent booze blitz nets 17

TWO drunk drivers caught driving more than three times over the legal limit were the "bloody idiots" last night busted at the start of a four day blitz in Geelong.

Police tested 3000 drivers last night, catching 17 drink-drivers -this means that 0.5666666666666667% of tested drivers were "drink driving" but that 99.43333333333332 of innocent drivers were inconvenienced AGAIN, so that the Police could engage in revenue raising. Last week it was 99.68503937007874 innocent drivers inconvenienced so that the revenue raising police could catch 0.31496062992125984 drink drivers-including two drivers who registered .152 and .166.

Police said they were stunned to catch so many boozy drivers on a Thursday night. They caught 0.5666666666666667% of tested drivers which is just over half of 1%. This statement is pure propaganda. If you are not thinking critically when you read articles like this, you WILL be absorbing outright lies as truth.

Two cars doing burnouts were seized under anti-hoon laws, -this is the police acting as the judiciary, punishing you without allowing you the due process that the law guarantees you- while other offences included unlicensed driving, speeding and drivers talking on their mobile phones.

Police said they were targeting Geelong at it was one of ten police service areas contributing to more than 40 per cent of Victoria's overall road trauma. -Yet the figures are proving that trauma in this area is NOT caused by drink driving. WAKE UP.

“It is very disappointing and disturbing to still be seeing this number of drink drivers particularly being a Thursday night, not a time when we would be expecting a high number of people out drinking and driving,'' said State Highway Patrol Senior Sergeant Ken Scott.

“Whilst people continue to drink and drive and act irresponsibly in cars we will be there and they will be caught.“When we see the type of hoon behaviour we saw (last night) - burnouts and irresponsible driving by young inexperienced drivers - it is easy to see why young people are over represented in our road toll.

“We'll be out in force for three days now, so heed this warning: slow down, dont drink and drive and do the right thing.''

Fully-equipped booze buses, and marked and unmarked police cars will saturate the area until Sunday in a bid to reduce road trauma.

Patrol units will zone in on drink and drug driving, speeding, mobile phone use and driver distraction, failure to wear restraints, failure to comply with traffic control signals and signs, and defective or un-roadworthy vehicles.

We will not back down on this,'' -IT IS TOO PROFITABLE- Sen-Sgt Scott said.

“It is our number one priority to reduce road trauma -THAT IS A LIE, REVENUE RAISING IS THE PRIORITY- in this area and with this operation we will add to the local enforcement already in place.''

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