Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Call for end to car rego stickers

AAP June 2, 2010,
  • A Queensland independent MP has called for the axing of car registration stickers

The Queensland Department of Transport has been plagued with problems with the registration labels over many years, with up to five million of the latest batch potentially affected by faulty glue.

Western Australia scrapped the labels for light vehicles from January 1 this year, arguing that advances in technology enabled roadside registration checks using wireless equipment and number plate recognition software.

Burnett MP Rob Messenger said a similar move in Queensland could save taxpayers millions of dollars every year.

"There is a simple solution to faulty rego stickers - do away with them altogether," Mr Messenger said.

"Registration stickers were needed in a different world when police and other public officers didn't have the ability to immediately check to see if a vehicle's registration was valid and had been paid."

The Department of Transport website lists a number of reasons for the stickers.

These include security, an aid to detecting unregistered vehicles and national uniformity.

Police union president Ian Leavers said that as an officer with 20 years' experience he found it "handy" to see registration stickers.

"They've got their place, but there's a lot of other technology which is being used in other states that could be brought into Queensland which would assist police in their duties," he said.

"If ... you don't have a computer on board and you've got to do radio checks (of registrations), just looking at a registration label assists police to say that is an out-of-date or expired registration label, then you do other checks.

"It is useful at this point in time."

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