Saturday, October 17, 2009


SPECIAL REPORT by X1-31, Mikiverse Musical Theorist.

For thirteen years, the mikiverse was involved in the production and delivery of musical and political treats on Melbourne radio.

I thought it was high time, the mikiverse re-discovered its musical heart and soul, because it is never a good idea to embrace one aspect of your self too much.

We need balance.

With this in mind, I have embedded a delicious d.j set by Afroboogie, who has featured on many an episode of Dazed & Confused over the years.

If you like the beat then support the artist at http://www.afroboogie.com

Over the next period of time I will post new and old treats from a whole host of space and earth cats.

But, for now, here is a 60-odd minute set that will encourage you to dance ( :

AfroboogieDJset by afroboogie


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