Wednesday, October 7, 2009


by Tetractys Merkaba, Editor-in-Chief

AMERICAN OWNED TABLOID, THE HERALD SUN, loves nothing more than to initiate, participate in, or generally, continue, to stir the pot of controversy.

This is because they like to capitalise on the emotions, that people feel about particular topics. They want to do do this, because, the stronger your conviction on a topic that they are running, the likelihood of you purchasing, or indeed mouse clicking, tomorrow increases.

More Purchasers, or mouse clicks equate to greater circulation, which is the method used to determine the prices that advertisers will pay to run their ad's.

T.V and Radio use a similar principle, except, that their circulation numbers are now called ratings figures.

Yes, that is why you always hear and read about the ratings. It allows a station to both charge a particular amount to a company, and allows them to charge more for their air time than their competitors product that is showing at the same time, based on the independent information that shows them to be more 'popular', and therefore, worthy a higher premium being levied.

Of course, this is a two way street, when ratings fall, advertisers, will demand that their premiums go down, and if advertising revenue falls below a particular amount, the t.v, or radio show is cancelled, or moved to a different timeslot.

This is also why in the world of magazines, and certain newspapers, you will see the C.A.B figures. Off the top of my head, the C.A.B stands for Circulation Auditory Board, and they are the official adjudicator of figures, to 'keep it all honest'.

So, basically, your favourite t.v or radio show, or any newspaper article, is nothing but a lure to entice you into consuming, so stations can charge for advertising.

And, it isn't just the foreign owned, Herald Sun, EVERY NEWSPAPER, T.V STATION, RADIO STATION follows this formula of trying to engage with you emotionally, so you will continue to consume their product.

And, even though they do try to get you become emotionally involved, and, they are mostly, emotionally detached from the products that they are trying to convince you to consume, because they prefer to financially profit from the outcome, as opposed to taking a particular stance on a product, there are definitely products, or opinions that these stations, newspapers are trying impress onto the public, and at times they are most definitely trying to shepherd public opinion in particular directions.

They do this generally because they want the debate to be contained within parameters that they have set. It is a little bit egotistical, which is connected to power, but mostly it follows the logical path of the pursuit of money, and, that is a power that is greater than controlling a few thousand humans.

It is about generating access from higher, or more exclusive sources of power. Here, we are basically talking about information that pertains to government, the royal family, the military, intelligence, government agencies, sporting clubs and stars, popstars, moviestars etc. Basically, sources of information that you are interested in, but have no access to.


Are you a football fan? Great, we'll capitalise on our ability to source information, to therefore, lure you in with information about Player X, or Club Y. Then, as previously mentioned, we will capitalise on your participation.

If you dislike the fact that Brendan Fevola is potentially leaving Carlton, for Collingwood, WE MAY GET TO CAPITALISE ON YOU FOR A FEW DAYS. This is a better result for us.

Innuendo, rumour and gossip work well because it allows for you to become emotionally involved in the controversy.

And, please, do not think for one second, that, this is the realm of Women's magazines, or a female only endeavour, because the political machinations of, will they, or wont they invade, the aforementioned potential of a football player changing clubs, or the gossip pertaining to so-called respectable musicians in respectable music magazines clearly capitalise on men, as much as they capitalise on women.

Of course, some of you are wondering, 'why is it, that the A.B.C, or the Herald Sun, or Nine M.S.N wont publish article/ruminations about 9/11, 7/7, or Bali being an inside job, the Pleadian's and other Alien races, the way money is created, underground military bases, the new world order, the JFK assasination, 2012, Pt. Arthur, the moon landing, or alternative health issues such as vaccinations, aspartame, flouride, Codex Alimentarius or the banning of natural supplements.

It is because they feel that they may lose access to relevant power bases if they publish, or promulgate your theory, irrespective of its merit. Certainly, in the case of False Flag's, it is because of its merit. Loss of actual, or peceived access to power equates to loss of public trust, which equates to loss of revenue.

If the American government participated in 9/11, then it doesn't pay for mainstream American media to expose that news publicly, the short term profit doesn't equitably balance to your loss of ability to access information from government, because now all government, be they Democrat, or Republican will keep you at an arms distance.

Although, the key reason, is control. If you lose faith in the institutions that control, or exert an influence on your life, you may start to act outside of the media's sphere of influence as well. Consequentially, the media may lose out on our ability to capitalise on you and may subsequently lose money.

Of course, smaller and so-called 'not for profit' media operates on a slightly different mentality within the same framework.

Some attempt to capitalise on alternative political, or musical views with their own media. David Icke, Alex Jones' Info Wars, Jordan Maxwell, Deepak Chopra and other members of the New Age movement all capitalise on those people who have a different mindset to the mainstream.

Even yours truly capitalises, by firstly, instilling into myself, a feeling of pride when some of my love - read words, or opinions - are shared and consumed in my community, and secondly, by opening the portal that I can on-sell an article like this to a publication that can afford to pay me some debt-based currency, and thereby open up the love of the mikiverse to some new beings.

This process is neither good, nor bad simply, because the moment you take a position, you start to have a vested interest and have essentially jumped in the mud.

What it is, is a human trait, that we all exhibit. It is a type of communication, and you, would be better off understanding this well enough to be able to capitalise on these realities yourself, not necessaryly financially, but, certainly by recognising, that participating in certain media to disagree will ultimately profit people you may not want to profit off you, whilst participating in media to agree will benefit people who you may be happier to profit off you. Not to mention the reality, that one state, benefits your health and well being, whilst the other state has the opposite effect.


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