Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Centrelink, the trading name of the Commonwealth Service Delivery Agency, has started trawling the streets looking for 'homeless' people to recruit into its nefarious corporation.

Being a corporation, Centrelink has a legal duty -as per the Corporations Act- to pursue profit, above and before, they consider the rights of any being.

Have you ever wondered why you have to apply for something, that, you have a right to receive?

Think about that.

I'll open up that treasure chest in another article.

Referring to the article itself, the Brisbane Times write that Centrelink are looking "to help the homeless hook up with the services they need."

A service is obviously something that serves you and is in your best interest- Yet, if, these homeless people do not agree to sign contracts, they will not get a cent, and will be left on the streets.


Would you agree, that, holding a virtual, loaded gun, to someone's head, in order to have them sign a contract, constitute a violation, of our basic human rights????

Interesting too, that the Brisbane Times considers that homeless people are "sleeping rough"

Centrelink officers assigned to homeless

October 8, 2009 - 10:34AM

Special Centrelink officers are to hit the streets around the country to help the homeless hook up with the services they need.

Ninety community engagement officers (CEOs) will be sent to work in locations of highest need by the end of the month.

Federal Housing Minister Tanya Plibersek said the officers would also work with people who are at risk of becoming homeless after they leave institutions such as prisons and mental health facilities.

"(The officers will) help one-on-one to do the sort of outreach work ... to link those people up to the supports available," she told Sky News.

The program is part of the Rudd government's $800 million white paper on homelessness which aims to halve homeless rates by 2020.

It is estimated about 105,000 Australians sleep it rough every night.

This story was found at: http://news.brisbanetimes.com.au/breaking-news-national/centrelink-officers-assigned-to-homeless-20091008-go2m.html

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