Monday, October 12, 2009


SPECIAL REPORT by Teractys Merkaba, Editor-in-Chief

FAILED LIBERAL LEADER, Robert Doyle, is bringing a highly controversial, draconian, and illegal surveillance device to the city streets of Melbourne to spy on innocent people.

Doyle, mayor of the Melbourne City Council, will be using this Orwellian 'spy truck' on hundreds of thousands of innocent people who were never consulted on whether they wanted such action taken.

This type of autonomous un-democratic decision makers by politician's and quasi-politician's, is reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930's, as well as Communist Russia and China.

We do not want Big Brother on the streets of Melbourne.

How can be fighting a war on 'terror' in the Middle East, when the greatest threats to our democratic and free way of life is coming from our very own politicians?

This is another layer of your enslavened, fascist, U.N, Orwellian future unless you get active in the community, and demand a higher level of service from our politician's.


Perhaps the scariest aspect to the story is the on-line Herald Sun poll that showed 75% support for this CONTROVERSIAL ASSAULT ON OUR FREEDOM. Whilst, this poll has only had about 600 votes cast, and whilst it is true that your average reader of the highly controversial, foreign-owned Herald Sun is hardly endowed with either intelligence or tolerance, this is still a staggering statistic.

Do these people not realise that this is the thin end of the wedge? What happens when the so-called "booze thugs"

Spy van in thug hunt

MELBOURNE City Council will unveil its own hi-tech spy van in the battle to control booze-fuelled thugs on city streets.

Ratepayers will shell out for the CCTV vehicle to roam the CBD and provide video evidence against violent offenders.

The van will feed vision into the council's already extensive CCTV control room, available for police to use.

Council sources said the move was brought on because of "impatience" with the State Government's attempt to control the streets.

The police union said the council was forced to act because the State Government had failed to put enough police on patrol.

Shane Mitchell, whose brother Luke Mitchell was killed after coming to the aid of a stranger, last night supported the council's plan.

He dismissed concerns about privacy, saying the only people who might be worried would be those "who have something to hide".

Councillors were tight-lipped about details of the CCTV surveillance van, but the Herald Sun understands the system could be operated by a private company for about $100,000 a year.

One councillor said city leaders were desperate to stop violence on the streets.

"The city has copped quite a bit of flak about late-night violence. It can't continue. Everyone agrees -- Labor, Liberal, Greens, whoever."

Police command has discussed the surveillance van with the council and supports the plan.

"The use of CCTV footage has been very successful in identifying offenders and leading to arrests in the past," a spokeswoman said.

But Police Association secretary Sen-Sgt Greg Davies said the system would be run by police if they were better resourced: "Being the lowest-funded police force in Australia, they don't have the capacity to do this."

A State Government spokeswoman said police had a record $1.9 billion budget.

Liberty Victoria president Michael Pearce, SC, said the roving van raised privacy questions and was "overkill".

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has spoken of the council's "world's best practice" for CCTV, including a clause that forces the council to delete footage after 30 days if there has been no request for vision.

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