Tuesday, October 13, 2009


SPECIAL REPORT by Tetractys Merkaba, Editor-in-Chief

FASHION DESIGNER, Karl Lagerfeld has said that nobody wants to see curvy women. I disagree with Mr. Lagerfeld's comments because I think and feel that women are interesting, and beautiful beings of light and love. I am better off for having females involved in my life, and I can't think of a man who could honestly say any different. I love curves on a woman and I do not think that this makes a woman unhealthy, or unattractive at all. It is always a shame when a woman -or indeed a man- becomes overweight because it is a sign of imbalance and distress, YET I DO NOT THINK THAT CURVY WOMEN ARE OVERWEIGHT.


This is a fallacy that we must address, and correct. This world is full of a diverse range of different looking, different shaped women for a reason. This planet allowed for different types of women because this planet needs different types of women. Men desire different types of women because we are all different ourselves.

Just because someone on tv, or in a movie, the fashion world, or in pop culture or anywhere thinks that only one kind of women represents beauty, it does not mean that I have to agree with them.

I am my own man, and I will decide for myself who and what is beautiful, thankyou very much. And, this is the heart of the matter, people trying to impress their opinion onto others. I can't -and do not want to- reconcile myself, with opinion's, that cause distress, that, cause people to feel like they have to change themselves to 'fit in' with this limiting opinion.

I also think that most women on the 'runway' are either dreadfully underweight, or are eating hardly anything, to keep them at the low end of their natural size and shape. I read an article by Myf Warhurst in the Melbourne Age, recently, that ruminated on the fact that Kylie Minogue, whilst being the same height as Myf, eats like a bird. Now, I've never contemplated Myf Warhurst to be overweight, and was surprised, that there was a suggestion that she was.

Yet, the thing that I find most distressing is that some women will read Mr. Lagerfeld's comments and will be moved to eat less, or, to adopt a -or extend their- exercise routine, simply, to feel like they are beautiful enough, to fit in with some male's perception -that does not represent all of masculinity- about what is and isn't beautiful. Or, that they will feel A greater level of dissatisfaction about their own bodies, and about the fact that they don't make these so-called lifestyle choices.

I happen to think that curvy women are beautiful in their own right, and are as beautiful, -if not more beautiful- than any other girl that is presently gracing a catwalk or magazine cover.


'No one wants to see curvy women'

AAP October 12, 2009, 8:18 am

Curvy women have no place on the catwalk, iconic German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was quoted as saying, after a magazine said it was banning skinny models in favour of "real women".

"No one wants to see curvy women," Lagerfeld was quoted as saying on the website of news magazine Focus.

"You've got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly," he added.

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The world of fashion is about "dreams and illusions", he said, dismissing as "absurd" the debate prompted by Brigitte magazine which said it would no longer feature professional models on its pages.

Brigitte, one of Germany's top women's magazines, said last week it would only publish photographs of "real women" after readers complained they could not identify with the models depicted.

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