Tuesday, October 6, 2009


BREAKING NEWS by Tetractys Merkaba, Editor-in-Chief.

THE NEW WORLD ORDER CENTRAL BANK might be planning to undermine the local Australian economy with the planned release of the jingoistically titled, "kangaroo" bonds.

It may well be, that with the Australian economy being one of the few western economies, that wasn't corrupted by the deliberately triggered economic crisis, that, the UNITED NATIONS, and their cronies, at the never-to-be-trusted-IMF, as well as, The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, or the World Bank for short might be trying to de-value our Australian Dollar, in order to increase value in their own privately-owned Special Drawing Rights (S.D.R) currency.

Even though the Australian Dollar is manufactured by secretive private interests - speculated to be a mixture of wealthy Australian pastoralists, industrialists and politicians, English, American, U.N interests, as well as famed money changers, the Rothchilds, via their five arrows - their may well be greater checks and balances on the inflation of our debt based currency than their is on the debt based currencies of our friends overseas in America, England and other European Nations that made it easier for most Australian's to help the economy by spending our way out of trouble.

The reason that any economy can "spend" their way out of economic difficulty is that every dollar in circulation is actually a debt based receipt to an artificial transatction of a value, artificially created at a stroke of a pen, that requires us to pass the proverbial 'hot potato'/dollar around the community, because it will lose value, the moment it becomes dormant.

This is because our dollar is not backed by Gold to keep its value stable.

Of course, it is possible that the Australian economy was never in the strife that Kevin Rudd had been portraying, and he was simply playing the old political card of linking in someone else's misery to our situation, in order to capitalise, by consequently, not having to follow through with election promises.

Either way, the World Bank seemingly wants a bigger say in the Australian economy.

Was this greater clout in the Australian economy, the price that Kevin Rudd was asked to pay last week at the deplorable G-20 meeting at Pittsburgh, in order to allow Australia into the club?

One thing we know for certain, is that, it is not in the interests of the G-8, to disband and become a G-20, unless there was a tangible reward for the nations of the G-8, unless, the owners of their respective economies - i.e the owners of their central banks - gave them an order too, because of the tangible reward they demanded.

The Australian economy could be in real trouble.

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World Bank plans two new Kangaroo bonds

October 6, 2009 - 11:15AM

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, or World Bank, plans to issue two new lines of Australian dollar denominated debt.

It is planning Kangaroo bonds maturing in 2014 and 2019 under a dual tranche benchmark offering.

"The transaction will be priced in the near future subject to market conditions," the joint lead managers said in a statement on Tuesday.

The joint lead managers are Commonwealth Bank of Australia, RBC Capital Markets, TD Securities and Westpac.

This story was found at: http://news.theage.com.au/breaking-news-business/world-bank-plans-two-new-kangaroo-bonds-20091006-gkbi.html

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