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SPECIAL REPORT by Tetractys Merkaba, Editor-in-Chief

GIGANTIC MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATION, McDonalds, is going to open another unhealthy outlet at the historic Lourve Art Mueseum, in Paris, France.

People who do not wish to participate in the plasticised, cheap, unhealthy values of multi-national-read, AMERICAN-corporate empires, will have had their ability to live outside this desolate, cold, loveless, profit driven, so-called corporate "culture", diminished.

These type of business', spearheaded by corporations such as Nike, McDonald's, Starbucks, Walmart & Disney are only interested in making money, and do not care about community sentiment one little bit, if it inhibits its ability to make more money.

How much is enough?

Of course, we, as a community, have to accept our share of the blame because we have not stood up to these empires. We have to spend our dollars with other companies, companies with better attitudes towards their employees, both in the so-called first, as well as in the so-called third worlds, companies that employ higher community standards, companies that respect the fact that some people wish to live their lives independent of these companies.

The Lourve need to accept their fair share of responsibility too. Is money so important to them that they will sell-out their cultural responsibilities to both the mueseum, and the community for the proverbial fistfull of dollars?

Whilst there was debate, and in some quarters, outrage, over the pyramidical extension, at least, there was both a logical, as well as, an aesthetic methodology behind their decision that could be argued with merit.

This, on the other hand, is pure greed.

As a community, we expect McDonald's to participate in nefarious, self-interested activities that show little, or no regard for the community.

However, we do not expect those charged with managing our cultural institutions like The Lourve, will make such hamfisted decisions for the sake of a few francs.

Fries with your Mona Lisa? Big Macs move on Louvre

Henry Samuel Paris
October 6, 2009 - 12:00AM

FRANCE'S art lovers and gastronomes are united in Gallic outrage.

The American burger chain McDonald's is to open a restaurant and McCafe in the Louvre museum next month.

The fast food giant is celebrating its 30th anniversary in the home of haute cuisine. This coup - the opening of its 1142nd outlet - cements France's reputation as the biggest fan of McDonald's outside America.

Staff at the Louvre, many of whom are already unhappy that the museum is lending its name and works to a multimillion-dollar project in the Arabian emirate of Abu Dhabi, are criticising the proposal.

''This is the last straw,'' said one art historian at the Louvre. ''This is the pinnacle of exhausting consumerism, deficient gastronomy and very unpleasant odours in the context of a museum.''

Didier Rykner, the head of The Art Tribune website, said the plan was ''shocking''.

''I'm not against eating in a museum,'' he said. ''But McDonald's is hardly the height of gastronomy.

''Today McDonald's, tomorrow low-cost clothes shops,'' he said. A museum spokesman said it had agreed to a ''quality'' McCafe and a McDonald's ''in line with the museum's image'' to open by the end of the year.

The two outlets would represent the American segment of a new food court, and would be situated ''among [other] world cuisines and coffee shops''.

The website Louvre Pour Tous, which aims to ''defend'' museum visitors, said: ''Henri Loyrette, president of the Louvre museum, just had to say one word to stop the whiff of French fries from wafting past the Mona Lisa's nose.

''He chose otherwise.''

A similar protest was unleashed last year when the American coffee chain Starbucks opened a cafe close to the museum's entrance.

Employees and art lovers sent a protest petition to the managers. The cafe opened regardless but was asked to provide a cultural corner of brochures and catalogues.

''Starbucks was bad enough but McDonald's is worse,'' said the unnamed historian.

However, even if there were a last-minute reversal at the Louvre, statistics suggest the battle of Les Big Macs has already been lost.

The French seem to love McDonald's. While business in brasseries and bistros is in free fall, the fast food group opened 30 outlets last year in France and welcomed 450 million customers.


This story was found at: http://www.theage.com.au/travel/fries-with-your-mona-lisa-big-macs-move-on-louvre-20091005-gjdo.html

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