Monday, October 12, 2009

SPECIAL REPORT by Teractys Merkaba.

Readers of the controversial foreign-owned tabloid; The Herald Sun, have offered comments on the Orwellian actions of the Melbourne City Council.

Underneath the comments, Tetractys Merkaba offers his thoughts exclusively for the mikiverse, Australia's independent locally-owned on-line newspaper. These thoughts are in italics.
  • Simon Franks Posted at 11:34 PM October 11, 2009

    Anyone read Orwell's 1984?

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  • FIRST COMMENT is right on the money.
  • A supporter of Melbourne Posted at 11:40 PM October 11, 2009

    Anything that retains Melbourne's image of a safe city is worth preserving. This is not even worthy of debate. The state government and council have an absolute responsibility to ensure every citizen and visitor within the city of Melbourne feels and is in fact safe. Comment 2 of 34

  • If Melbourne is safe, then why the need for such Draconian action? Also, why would this anonymous poster think that anything in a democratic society is not worthy of a debate.
  • Perplexed of Melbourne Posted at 12:39 AM Today

    Why does Liberty Victoria oppose everything that helps bring thugs to justice?

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  • I could find nothing in the article that sustains this view.
  • Gandalf of Melbourne Posted at 12:44 AM Today

    I'm beginning to think our government spends more of our tax dollars spying on citizens than it does keeping an eye on what goes on outside our borders. The IQ requirements to enter politics at any level seem to have fallen to that of a boiled spud on a stick.

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  • Since when does council qualify as "our government"? At least Gandalf understands that this is nothing more than spying, which of course is espionage and therefore deceptive practices against our community.
  • Conumdrum of Broadmeadows Posted at 1:17 AM Today

    maybe if the Victoria Police force acted in a higher manner they wouldnt be considered one of the worst in Australia.. or the western world.. lets talk about it seriously .. VicPol is terrible about about clearance rates, Vic Pol is terrible with image and overall disemination.. It relates to people as if they are numbers.. statistics.. figures, or just numbers.. I hope Simon can prove this wrong>

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  • I wonder if 'Conumdrum'-(sic) realise's that Victoria Police is a corporation whose major aim is to turn a profit as required by the Corporations Act?
  • Asianplumb of Melbourne Posted at 1:31 AM Today

    Someone should inform Mr Doyle that he isn't the premier of the state.

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  • Here, Here.
  • wizard of Melbourne Posted at 1:37 AM Today

    You just have to wonder when, if ever, the MCC and State Govt will actually tackle the problem with any sensible plan. GET REAL POLICE ON THE STREETS ..... not some ridiculous "ROBO VAN" which will only film someone getting bashed NOT ACTUALLY PREVENT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE !!!!! ...... stop with this stupid idea that you can stop REAL thugs assaulting people by using technology, get out on the streets and prevent it from happening in the beginning. GGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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  • Prevention, hey? now there's a poser.....still goes against the grain of freedom of action.
  • James of Hong Kong Posted at 3:03 AM Today

    of course use it, melb is a dangerous place now, i live in hk which is safe high concentration of people none of this bullshite about no problems just do it!!!

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  • Wow, I didn't realise that Melbourne was sooo dangerous. But why the comparison to Hong Kong? Why would we want a comparison with a city that is under Chinese jurisdiction? Is China free? Can they watch the BBC on Rupert Murdoch's pay tv? Can World leaders receive the Dalai Lama without Chinese protest? Wasn't the whole point of the cold war to demonstrate the superiority of our cities?
  • melanie Posted at 3:10 AM Today


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  • The fact that Melbourne City Mayor, Robert Doyle is a former Liberal leader that contested and lost a state election is apparently lost on Melanie.
  • Roy Cooper of Caulfield Posted at 3:39 AM Today

    big brother watching us again did it come from the good old USA is Doyle going to drive the van to save the tax payer money ??

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  • The easiest thing to do at this point, would be to point out the comparison between those who 'get it', and those who don't. Yet, I feel it important to remind people that the Herald Sun actively censors this section of its paper, making it very difficult for intelligent comments to be represented in great number.
  • Jack S. Hit of ex pat, usa Posted at 3:50 AM Today

    Once again, Australia, at the forefront of stupidity in the eyes of the world

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  • short and sweet. I generally agree, though not with the opinion of the world. I don't care what the world thinks.
  • G Wilson of Melb Posted at 5:21 AM Today

    If your in a public place you can be photographed, Michael Pearce has nothing to worry about as I'm surefootage will be deleted after a couple of weeks if nothing is reported. I'm in LA at the moment and those I tell i am from Melbourne they tell me they have the impression Melbourne streets are just as violent as LA's. Of course I tell them ...they are correct.

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  • Melbourne is as violent as a city that has guns as a constitutional right. Hmmm....Does this mean that we should bring guns back?
  • leigh Posted at 5:53 AM Today

    Its not new cctv cameras that are needed or for that matter wanted its police on the beat . Just how manny cameras are in the city and suburbs already ? Just how manny times are we photographed daily as we go about our normal lives ? Cameras are about prosecuting offenders after the crime is committed they do nothing to prevent the commision of the crime only a strong police presence on the site does that along with propper enforcement of the laws suposedly require by the clubs that cause the trouble. Also what is the Melbourne city council involveing itself and spending ratepayers money on what is clearly a state government law enforcement issue its not as tho they have not enough problems with their own committments within their own purvue of responsibilities to spend money on and keep rates at a reasonable level. It seems we are getting to the point not far down the track where we will be microchiped ,DNA fingerprinted and photographed from the time we are born till the day we die and if they can for soom time after that happens.And I thought that after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the colapse of communism we would not have these sorts of spying on people ,the old communist regiems would have been in heaven with this sort of survielence of their own population only difference is they would not have contracted it out to private companies we only do that in a democracy.

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  • The best comment so far.
  • sanmwaugh2005 Posted at 6:32 AM Today

    The question is how clear are the images from the CCTV. Often we find Crime Stoppers asking us to identify the whereabouts people captured in CCTV as it is unclear most of the times.

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  • Gosh, I didn't think about this pressing issue at all.
  • Johnny L of Melbourne Posted at 6:33 AM Today

    "Liberty Victoria" time to move on. You are no longer wanted in Victoria. It is organisations like this that allow for thugs to get away, through our courts and getting away because Police don't have enough powers. Michael Pearce, the day when you or a loved one requires the help from the Police only to be told they don't have enough power to act because of your protest will come. Your outcry only falls on Government ears because it saves them money. Your average Victorian doesn't need you guys around. Waste of time, money, effort, and space. Your offices could be used to create jobs. Move on out.

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  • It is always frightening to read some people's thoughts. People died for our right to freedom of thought, expression etc. Or, at least that was what they were told. Turns out fascism, corporatocracy and communism is the answer. Damn.
  • privacy pro Posted at 6:52 AM Today

    What consultation has the Council had with the State's Privacy Watchdog? Has a Privacy Impact Assessment been conducted on the plan? Doyle fancies himself a keystone cop and that's just not fair dinkum. Leave it to the Police to patrol our streets.

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  • Interesting comment, though I do tend to agree that we need to maintain our privacy.
  • Vicgal of Victoria Posted at 6:58 AM Today

    With the revenue the council reaps from the taxpayers/home owners now, surely they can fund the darn van themselves? I agree something has to be done but why is it ALWAYS at the taxpayers expense?? So many are actually struggling now.

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  • Ok, so the removal of our civil liberties and freedoms are fine, if it isnt paid for by us.
  • CC Posted at 7:00 AM Today

    Surely its a bit of a lottery to get evidence with this type of system. How many permanent cameras could you get for $100,000/year.

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  • No, please don't waterboard them, it might not work out....lets go for the Iron Maiden instead.
  • M Riseley of Melton Posted at 7:24 AM Today

    Yeah great so if i'm bashed to death and if the offender is unlucky enough to get caught on this one van's cameras, then I can expect a possible prosecution with the offender to either get off scott free or do some riduclously short sentence of maybe a couple of years in minimum security. Yes I'll start going out at night in the city at once....

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  • Ummm, last time I checked, DEAD people can't be prosecuted.
  • Tony G of Melbourne Posted at 7:43 AM Today

    Unfortunately, in Melbourne the evidence is that CCT footage and the threat of CCT surveillance does not prevent violent attacks and robberies. Think of the wide display of CCT footage already played to the public in an effort to get the public to recognize a criminal. CCT footage is on the trains, train stations, petrol stations and shopping centres etc. but violence and criminal activity continue. It is TOO LATE to wait to catch violence on CTT as a management strategy. We need more Police, a new legal system of mandatory sentencing for violent crimes, or Magistrates that provide real deterrents to criminals. We also need to take a ZERO tolerance approach to violence similar to the apparently successful New York model, and think about how we can root out irrational acts of hatred from our community.

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  • If I understand this correctly, I just read a plan that we should overhaul our legal system because CCTV camera's don't work. Ok, then.
  • Allan Garbutt of Melbourne Posted at 7:47 AM Today

    There are a number of issues that need to be canvassed i n this latest proposal and they all relate to personal liberties. Presumably this mobile cctv will record a whole range of activities that take place in the cbd. Who sees these images? How long are they kept? Are they passed on to a second - third party? I am uneasy about this.

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  • So you should be, Allan.
  • Dennis of Vermont Posted at 7:51 AM Today

    I think licenced premises that open late night should be required to install more and better quality cameras inside and out and perhaps to require some sort of proof of identity to enter.

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  • Vere are your papers, I must see your papers!!!
  • Steven V of Melbourne Posted at 7:59 AM Today

    What a waste of money! Simply close pubs and clubs at 2am. The problem will go away. All of the problems are because of the 24/7 achohol fueled free-for-all the government has created.

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  • This theory works on the theory that all violence is alcohol induced and only occur between 2am and dawn. Does this mean that the dingo that ate Lindy's baby was pissed and had a bad case of the munchies?
  • Sandra of NSW Posted at 8:03 AM Today

    Sydney City Council needs one or more of these too. It's time to claim back the streets from the gangs and the predators all over Australia.

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  • Lee of Melbourne Posted at 8:04 AM Today

    I really dont mind if the tax goes into attempt to reduce voilence in the city and outer suburbs. But frankly. they should more concentrate on city side as all bashing happened in that area. All I hope is this strategy will be successful and thugs will be in where they belong. And also I would wish the laws can be more strict than what it is right now as thugs manage to get away on bails and bash another person somewhere and I would like to say if the thugs caught again doing offence, the laws should put the lawyers who help him/her into jail as well. Then probably the society will be less aggressive what it is right now.. Anyways a single person cant do anything so lets hope for the best.. Cheers .have good day

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  • Lets hold lawyers accountable for the actions of their clients.....hmmm, imagine if it was commensurate with the sentence being handed down. I'm not sure that many people would want to become lawyers.
  • Waldo of Blackburn Posted at 8:20 AM Today

    It will not stop the violence "Hungry Jacks" perpetrators knew they were being videoed they did not stop. High alcohol content in drinks is the problem. Drop down to light and light alcopops and things will improve NOT FIX just improve.

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  • Well this move will not stop viloence, this is absolutely true.
  • Ginger of Melbourne Posted at 8:22 AM Today

    Excellent idea and well done

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  • I wonder why people feel like this.
  • Ilias Gouletsas of Balwyn North Posted at 8:24 AM Today

    Instead of sending a van with a camera to take video evidence, wouldn't it be better to send a van full of police officers to stop the crime and apprehend the offenders?

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  • Logical enough, but there is not enough profit and the City of Melbourne is a corporation too.
  • Matt of had enough of pisswaek magistrates. Posted at 8:25 AM Today

    It would be better to dish out severe floggongs to these would be tough guys on the spot, but this country is too soft. so cctv them and then chase them, take to court for a leanient magistrate.... oh and all this costs HEAPS of OUR tax money... bullshit i say.

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  • Corporal punishment???? Fuck me.
  • Paul Chao of Box Hill Posted at 8:28 AM Today

    It's not the privacy issues that I am concerned about. Cameras simply does not prevent violence where police presence does. I mean... how would you like to be the victim of a senseless bashing landing you in hospital is worse still on a cold slab in the morgue, when the only protection you have is a van that has cameras. When Labour was in opposition then proclaimed to have more police presence and now after 10-years in government with the windfall of the GST, houses stamp duty, ever increasing land taxes and speeding fines, they manage to do absolutely nothing while spend money on government branding in politically skewed television and radio advertisements.

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  • Another one who thinks that Council runs down party lines. I've already mentioned that Doyle is a LIBERAL!!! The privacy issues are the key issue by the way Paul.
  • sean of melb Posted at 8:35 AM Today

    i'd rather the city council spend the money in attempting to clean up the streets than have the Lame Duck burble on about the population of Victoria needing to just say no. I can't believe anyone will vote for any of these clowns at the next election - Liberal OR Labor. Get your nose into that trough Lame Duck, you won't be seeing much of it after the next years statewide vote buy.

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  • There is some strange logic at play today.
  • Ro of Ringwood Posted at 8:39 AM Today

    If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear. Our streets are an embarrasment and need to be cleaned up before any more people are hurt.

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  • If we have nothing to hide line is irrelavent to the issue of the presumption of innocence......Damn it, I need to write another article now!
  • Andrew of e/hills Posted at 8:40 AM Today

    This will stop people from being attacked just as well as the cameras in trains and train stations. Oh, wait a minute, they don't much more than provide a bit of film footage for the 6:30 news..... Well then maybe channel 7 could help pay for the running costs?

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  • LOL.
  • Raj of Melbourne Posted at 8:46 AM Today

    This is all great but if the Judges dont give severe enough penalties these thugs walk away and do it again and laugh at the system. The Law in this country is a joke. Judges are erratic and dotn follow the law they follow how they feel on the day or how much the defendant spends or how rich or how poor.

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  • The law is fine and isn't the issue at all. It baffles me how many people who both, do not even know what a law is, or who have never actually gone too the trouble of reading a law, or statute, or by-law offer halk baked opinions such as this one on the law. That is one of the consequences of freedom, you are allowed to stay ignorant if you want to.

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