Monday, October 12, 2009


SPECIAL REPORT by Tetractys Merkaba, Editor-in-Chief

Earlier on today, the mikiverse covered the roving 'spycam' to be mounted on a car that drives around filmimg, those who have engaged in lawful protesting have been filmed by police for reason's that have never been explained, we'll post a story shortly on the council that wants to install camera's in parking spots to monitor and fine you -despite the fact that there are no laws in place that empower anyone to issue you with a parking ticket, or fine- and now we have the opposition leader wanting to use surveillance bracelets on people that the controversial foreign owned tabloid, the Herald Sun describe as "firebugs".

Isn't it interesting how this controversial paper likes to feel superior to other people, by judging certain members of society that it doesn't like?

The Mikiverse is fairly certain that this undesirable technique is already being used on convicted peadophile's, which means that this might just be a salami slice tactic, designed to bring this type of punishment into the public conciousness, and acceptance, via small slices.

Yesterday, peadophile's, today firebugs, tomorrow drink drivers, next week political free-thinkers, people who park their cars for two minutes too long, or are a couple of clicks over the speed limit.

Whatever happened to doing the time for your crime and that being the end of the matter. Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence inherent in a free, mature, just and tolerant socierty?

Apparently, certain human are no longer free to earn a living under the same presumption of innocence as other people. Is this going to be rolled out against other people?

Aren't motorist's subjected to this same presumption of guilt, when a policeman, or a private contractor, or an often fallible camera has decided that they have driven too fast?

Australia is being changed from an egalitarian, just and tolerant community into something distinctly Orwellian.

Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu announces plans to place arsonists on extended supervision orders

ARSONISTS are a "rot on society" and convicted fire-starters should be subjected to extended supervision orders, Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu says.

Mr Baillieu said a Coalition Government would create laws to impose tough monitoring and restrictions on arsonists.

Firebugs on extended supervision orders would have to comply with a range of restrictions and conditions for a period of up to 15 years, that could include:

_ Where they can live;

_ Times they must be at home;

_ Places they must not visit

_ Types of jobs they can take.

The monitoring could extend to electronic bracelets to track movements.

The adult parole board would set the restrictions, and courts would be able to impose ESOs when appropriate.

Mr Baillieu said research showed up to 50 per cent of bushfires could be started by arsonists, to it was important to keep a watch on people with records to stop fires from being lit.

The State Government said the police had not requested such a taskforce be set up, and they would not consider the option until the police called for such a move.

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